• Portals Of Doom




    Mobile action with an addictive control interface and epic musical score to add to the atmosphere of fast paced excitement. Leveraging the touch interface and accelerometer to give the user a clean and smooth control over their gaming action. Defend "The Collective" of friendly...

  • Top of Book


    Near Real-Time Stock Quotes with updates approx. every few seconds. For any given stock symbol, retrieve this information on your phone so you are never away from the Action of the Market floor: - 5 Top Bid prices per share and size of the order - 5 Bottom Ask prices per share and size of the...

  • LoanSolverPaid


    Same app as free version with - No Ads! - Payment Schedule w/Annual Summary option

  • Group Text




    Most cellular carriers do not allow you to send a text/SMS message to more than one recipient at a time. Those that do limit the number of recipients, and their native text messaging apps do not make it easy. Group Text solves this limitation by sending the message to each recipient one at a...

  • LoanSolver




    LoanSolver takes loan calculators to the next level by allowing users to solve for: - Loan Amount - Annual Interest Rate - Monthly Payments - Payment Amount Many uses including: - Student Loans - Auto Loans - Mortgage Loans - Boat Loans - RV Loans - Mobile Home Loans - Timeshare Loans -...

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