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  • Find My Phone & Tablets

    Find My Phone & Tablets




    MyPrecious™ is the most intuitive and useful Phone & Tablet Mobile Device Locator on Android Find where ALL your mobile devices are located including phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and cars*. Testimonials: "Great app. It found my lost device." - Molly O'Neill...

  • Dyslexia Reading Assistant

    Dyslexia Reading Assistant




    Use your Android device to read text out loud How to use: 1. Point your camera to some text (in a book, a sign , ...) and the camera will automatically capture the text and say it 2. If you cannot hear the speech - check that you have a Text-to-Speech engine on the device that supports your...

  • Audio Book Recorder

    Audio Book Recorder




    Create audio books for your kids Let your child play the audio books you recorded just by scanning a book's bar code This is a fun way of letting your toddler enjoy reading books without the need to know how to read (or when they start learning to read) Recording your voice gives kids a...

  • Find My Android

    Find My Android




    The #1 Tablet tracking app on Google Play ! The most intuitive, useful and simple to use Phone & Tablet Locator and Family Center on Android Find where ALL your mobile devices are located including phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and cars*. Simple steps for using the app: 1. Launch the...

  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind


    This app is used to help parents make sure they don't forget their child in the car Whenever you turn off the car the application will alert you to check the back seat to make sure you did not forget your child The app will only work if you have a Bluetooth hands-free device in your car...

  • One Click Pictures

    One Click Pictures




    When you need to take a photo fast this is the app for you ! Take a photo with just one click

  • VocalCart™ - Voice Shopping

    VocalCart™ - Voice Shopping




    Let your voice do the shopping - "Siri for grocery shopping" Allow our patent pending grocery assistant to shop for groceries using only your voice Use it while on the go - hands free with your Bluetooth devices or speaker Once you are done filling your shopping cart, you can...

  • Find My Facebook Friends

    Find My Facebook Friends




    The Original Facebook location tracking application The most intuitive, useful and simple to use Friend Locator on Android Find the location of all your Facebook friends! Install the app , share it with your friends and family and start tracking each other... List of features: - Find your...

  • Babysitter Calculator

    Babysitter Calculator




    Need to quickly and accurately calculate your babysitter payment? Now you can with this simple app

  • Easy VPN Settings Launcher

    Easy VPN Settings Launcher




    Launch the VPN settings page in one click (instead of 4 clicks)

  • WhereRYu™ - Find My Phone

    WhereRYu™ - Find My Phone




    Always wanted to know where you spouse or children are located ? find a lost phone , track employees, or allow Family and Friends to know where you are while on a vacation or a business trip ? This app can do exactly that using a patent pending technology keeping your privacy intact Your wife...

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