• LogicSketch2 NonoGram Picross




    Logic Sketch 2 with 1000 over puzzles! and Huge Mode! and easy zooming! if you like picross or nonogram. Play Logic Sketch 2!! --------------------------------- Backup feature has been added. Run the backup. Usb connection to the computer and folder will have LogicSketch2 Folder copied...

  • Color Tiles - Addictive Puzzle




    "Color Tiles" is simple and really addictive puzzle game. Touch the point where tiles of the same color intersect in every direction, It is a game to go off the tile. - You will continue the combo to get rid of tiles by over succession before the combo gauge runs out! - You get the...

  • LogicSketch - Nonogram Picross




    ======================================================= Logic Sketch - (also known as 'nonogram', 'picross', 'griddlers') is logic puzzle game. ------------------------------------------------------- Logic Sketch has many size of games. From 10x10 to 30x30!! Problems...

  • Concentrate - Color Block




    Super simple! I just press the button of the same color as the block that was laid down most. Please try to challenge the ranking that is reset every week. There are no products to list, but the chest will be overwhelmed. Mode and turn off the fastest 100 blocks, Please try to challenge...

  • TurnTris - Turn Based




    If you are a Tetris fan, you will like this game. TurnTris!! - Find a Best position of blocks. - Attacker will Attack, when Turn becomes 0. - How to Increase the Turn 1. +n item will increases the turn by n. 2. remove multiple lines. 3. remove lines continuous. - Coin? At the end of a...

  • This is The Sudoku - Basic




    Graphics and simple interface is basic and clean. 12000 Puzzles Ready. 4 Difficulty Levels. Achieve System More than 140. Sudoku is fun to enjoy for a long time. We wait for everyone who loves Sudoku.

  • MineSweeper - It's simple




    Classic masterpieces of Windows Minesweeper (40 mines in the intermediate version of 16x16 grid). in the subway, on the bus, in a taxi, is the best game to come up. The first click does not fire the mines. Minesweeper like Win 7 always opens greatly. Moderately built around a flag on the...





    Here's 4000 Questions of SUDOKU!! Just PLAY!

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