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GPS-Speedo is a digital speedometer based on the values of your GPS sensor. It is displaying speed, precise GPS-time, coordinates, altitude, a compass with bearing and, if a data connection available, the current location or address. Selectable speed units: miles per hour (mph), kilometers per hour (kmh, km/h), knots (kts), m/s. Distance units stat…

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Download PlanetDroid PlanetDroid icon

Astronomy ephemeris app for calculating high precision ephemeris and positions of Sun, Moon and the Planets for engaged amateur astronomers and planetary observers, prefering data and facts instead of pretty picture-apps. Planetdroid finds rise, culmination and set times, the beginning of seasons, lunar phases and planetary aspects. Augmented rea…

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Download Camera Timer USB Camera Timer USB icon
Camera Timer USB

Release your digital camera (eg. a DSLR) with your phone! Now with infrared blaster support. Release your camera with your phone using infrared! Required: Android 4.4. (KitKat) or higher, built-in IR-blaster. Tested with Canon, Nikon, Sony CameraTimer supports USB host mode of Android 3.X and higher. A special USB host adaptor cable is required.…

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Download Eclipse 2015 Eclipse 2015 icon
Eclipse 2015

Your companion to the total solar eclipse of 2015 March 20 in the northern Atlantic Ocean and Europe. Learn, how to observe this eclipse and where you will find the best observation places. Although a bit of the eclipse will be seen from most parts of Africa, parts of America, the tropical Atlantic and the Caribbean, you will get the best eclipse e…

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Download EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version icon
EclipseDroid USB Free Version

EclipseDroid is the ultimate companion for each engaged solar eclipse observer and all people, who are interested in solar eclipses. The app calculates exact data for any solar eclipse at any location. Relax and watch the eclipse and not your cameras, EclipseDroid will work for you! New in version 6: Text to speech (TTS) supported, - Network comm…

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Download Astrophoto Calculator Astrophoto Calculator icon
Astrophoto Calculator

A small app for astro photographers for calculation of image filed sizes for certain combinations of camera and lens. You can also calculate the maximal exposure time for shots without guiding and calculate the length of star trails. It has a custom editable camera list. After installation and first execution of this app the list is saved on your…

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Download GeoSat4Android GeoSat4Android icon

Small astronomy app for calculation the apparent position of geostationary satellites. It assumes a circular orbit with aninclination of 0°. For visual observers and photographers. Calculates azimuth, elevation, hour angle, declination and right ascension. On first start, the app will download a list of satellites from www.strickling.net when clic…

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Download Standard Atmosphere Calculator Standard Atmosphere Calculator icon
Standard Atmosphere Calculator

A small app for calculating the standard atmosphere. Get temperature, pressure, density, speed of sound, absolute humidity, vapour pressure and dew point, depending on altitude and speed. The pecision is good for educational use, please do not use for aviation! Bugs found? Please send error report for error localisation and removal!

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Download Perseids Perseids icon

A small app for the recording of visual meteor observations. It has large red buttons not spoiling the dark sky adaptation of your eyes. The data are stored on the SD card (Path: sdcard\Perseids.log ). You can analyze the log with a spredsheet software, e.g. Open Office. Bugs found? Please send error report for error loclisation and removal!

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Download USBCamera Test USBCamera Test icon
USBCamera Test

A simple test App for developing USB PTP code for Android. Please send a feedback, whether it works or works not on a certain camera and device pair! For more details see: http://www.strickling.net/android_engl.htm#USB Keywords: USB host, DSLR, remote, photography, programming, PTP,

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