• Master Ding Tai Chi Timer




    This is a Tai Chi and Qigong training timer designed and specified by Master John Ding. Master Ding Academy offers a full Yang-style traditional syllabus, from beginners to advanced level. Enjoy learning this ancient Chinese holistic exercise in a friendly environment under Master John Ding and...

  • Variable timer


    This a beta version trial of the variable timer.

  • Home buying budget calculation


    This simple and free application helps with all necessary calculation during a house/home purchasing and mortgaging processing. Giving one screen trade-off calculation summary of all necessary elements during house/home buying finance budgeting: ->Purchase price/Down payment ->Interest...

  • EVM Calculator


    This tool is designed for the EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) budget analysis in the communication and RF (Radio Frequency) system engineering, where the RF and digital impairments of different sub-systems are often modelled and qualified as EVM in % during top-level design and analysis stage. The...

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