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  • Mydol (Kpop Star Lockscreen)

    Mydol (Kpop Star Lockscreen)




    Do you believe it? Each time I turn on my smart phone, KPOP STAR IDOL gives message to me!! ★Please leave a feedback in English or Korean★ - It is possible to see pictures of My IDOL, K-Pop Star at any time from the lock screen. The member who I love gives lovely messages to me. (English &...

  • Mydol Community(for Kpop STAR)

    Mydol Community(for Kpop STAR)




    The smartest fandom service [Mydol] Mydol Community app is unveiled!! If you use 'Mydol Lockscreen app', you can use it quickly! The best 'Kpop Idol Community' in the world 'Mydol' - If you use 'Mydol Lockscreen app', you can enter 'Mydol Community'...

  • 와락 - 당신만을 위한 스마트 잠금화면 WALock

    와락 - 당신만을 위한 스마트 잠금화면 WALock




    당신만을 위한 스마트 잠금화면, 와락(WA Lock)!! 400개 이상의 뉴스, 인기 블로그, 인기 Facebook, Youtube컨텐츠를 잠금화면에서 가장 빠르게 받아보세요! 와락은 여러분이 컨텐츠를 볼 때마다 여러분의 관심사를 분석하고, 새로운 컨텐츠를 추천해드립니다 :D ------------------------------------------------ ★ 와락은 언제 유용한가요? - 화장실 갈 때, 줄 서 있을 때, 친구 기다릴 때, 버스 기다릴 때, 출퇴근할 때, 직장에서 땡땡이칠 때 언제든 스마트폰을...






    The one and only App you can show and share all your belongings. Share your new and second hand items which you don't use any more with your friends on WHOSCLIP which is used in 96 countries. Have you been sharing your daily life, thoughts and talking to friends through Facebook, Pinterest,...

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