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Waluu : Dating and Humor

The Waluu application is a new mobile social network that brings relaxation, humor and dating together through a great community and amazing features designed to find and chat with new people! ★★★ Over 50 concepts in 1 ★★★ Change the Waluu topic by clicking on the small arrow at the top of the application. Every time you do so, the app offers you…

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Jokes & Humor: Jookees

Find more than 1000 daily jokes submitted by the largest community of American jokers! No kidding! Vote for the best jokes and comment on them: it is social network for jokers! ★★★ 1st Ever Social Jokes Application ★★★ You'll love this app even if you can't stand jokes! ✓ Browse all community jokes ✓ Vote and comment on every joke ✓ Add…

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Live Dating: Single?

Meet new singles with Live Dating! Place ads describing your ideal girl, boy, woman or man to suit your preferences. Be original and creative! Answer different ads in a good and collaborative mood. ★ Find singles near you! ★ And if the love of your life is just around the corner? Give yourself a chance to meet him or her... Great stories start e…

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Poems: The community

Discover community poems and poetry and write your own with the social network for Poets! Vote and comment on the poems of the members to elect the best poets of the day, week and month! ★★★ Social Application for Poetry ★★★ You'll love this app even if you can't stand poetry! ✓ Browse all Community poems ✓ Share them on Facebook and Twi…

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Blonde Jokes

Find thousands of blonde jokes! Vote, comment and share all blonde jokes on Facebook and Twitter. Use the app to send your own jokes! ★★★ The best blonde jokes app by the community! ★★★ ✓ "What does a blonde do in the movie theater? Looks for the remote." ✓ "Why do blondes refuse to read the British Encyclopedia? Because they'…

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Quotes: Sayings & Quote

Collection of quotes and sayings sent by app users! Share your favorite quote, rate and comment on quotes shared by members of the Waluu community. ★★★ First social application on Quotes ★★★ You will love this social app exclusively focused on quotes. More than 200,000 members worldwide have already joined us! Enjoy the wisdom of Chinese proverbs…

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Your are so Geek...

Let's have fun between Geeks ! The funiest Geek community ! ★★★ Geeks & Nerds Jokes sent by our members ★★★ ✓ You're so geek that you would like to be a computer to reboot your life in safe mode ✓ You're so geek that if asked to cite the alphabet you'd say: "In QWERTY or AZERTY?" ✓ You're so geek that you don&#…

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Yo mama : Community

Comment, vote and share all these jokes on Facebook and Twitter and discuss with other Community jokers! Unlike all other apps, this is a real community you can share with! Find hundreds of Yo Mama jokes sent with this application! ★★★ Last "Yo mama" sent by the community ★★★ ✓ Yo mama so ugly she threw a boomerang and it refused to co…

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Selfies: DailyMee

Send a selfie every day! ★★★ Best Social Network for Selfies! ★★★ Vote to choose the best picture of the day, week and month! ✓ Browse all community pictures ✓ View the profiles of all members with their age, sex and the city if provided ✓ Share them on Facebook, Twitter and email ✓ Vote and comment on each one of them ✓ Add friends and easily f…

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Chat live : Twituu

Discuss with English-speaking friends on Android: Try Twituu: The Waluu.com app for sending messages and starting conversations! ★★★ Group chat ★★★ ✓ Explore all community messages ✓ Vote and comment on each message ✓ Add friends and easily find their messages ✓ Search by categories or keywords. ✓ This is a Waluu App of the Waluu.com network :)…

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