• Imagello : Lol pics




    The first mobile social network to exchange funny pictures in North America! ★ LOLcat, fails, your best humor social network! ★ Vote and comment on pictures to have your say and elect the best of the day, week and month! ✓ Upload pictures taken with your smartphone ✓ Add friends and find their...

  • Jokes & Humor: Jookees




    Find more than 1000 daily jokes submitted by the largest community of American jokers! No kidding! Vote for the best jokes and comment on them: it is social network for jokers! ★★★ 1st Ever Social Jokes Application ★★★ You'll love this app even if you can't stand jokes! ✓ Browse all...

  • Live Dating: Single?




    Meet new singles with Live Dating! Place ads describing your ideal girl, boy, woman or man to suit your preferences. Be original and creative! Answer different ads in a good and collaborative mood. ★ Find singles near you! ★ And if the love of your life is just around the corner? Give yourself...

  • Waluu : Dating and Humor




    The Waluu application is a new mobile social network that brings relaxation, humor and dating together through a great community and amazing features designed to find and chat with new people! ★★★ Over 50 concepts in 1 ★★★ Change the Waluu topic by clicking on the small arrow at the top of the...

  • My definition




    Create your own definition of common words and share them with the community! Here is a tiny glimpse of the definitions contained in the application: ✓ Toes: Appendages for detecting door corners. ✓ Tie: Arrow pointing to the brain of the man. ✓ Parents: two people who teach you to walk and...

  • My Drawings




    Take a picture of all your drawings with this application and send them to the social networks for budding (or professional) artists! Vote for the best drawings and comment on drawings to encourage or advise artists. ★★★ The Best Social App for Sharing Drawings ★★★ It is time to re-open all...

  • Pregnancy & Baby : Forum




    The Pregnancy & Baby community is a mobile discussion forum. Designed for maximum ease-of-use, this mobile forum allows discussing, asking questions, sharing experiences at any time and, in particular, from maternity onwards via your smartphone! ★★★ Specialized Mobile Community for Pregnant...

  • Yo mama : Community




    Comment, vote and share all these jokes on Facebook and Twitter and discuss with other Community jokers! Unlike all other apps, this is a real community you can share with! Find hundreds of Yo Mama jokes sent with this application! ★★★ Last "Yo mama" sent by the community ★★★ ✓ Yo...

  • Quotes: Sayings & Quote




    Collection of quotes and sayings sent by app users! Share your favorite quote, rate and comment on quotes shared by members of the Waluu community. ★★★ First social application on Quotes ★★★ You will love this social app exclusively focused on quotes. More than 200,000 members worldwide have...

  • Blonde Jokes




    Find thousands of blonde jokes! Vote, comment and share all blonde jokes on Facebook and Twitter. Use the app to send your own jokes! ★★★ The best blonde jokes app by the community! ★★★ ✓ "What does a blonde do in the movie theater? Looks for the remote." ✓ "Why do blondes...

  • Video Games: Your Forum




    Find video gaming news provided by you and other community members! Find opponents to play Android, iPhone / Game Center, Xbox Live, Playstation Network PSN, Nintendo Wii, etc. ★★★ Forum of Video Gaming, Mobile Apps and more ★★★ Moreover, you can organize quizzes to test the community or seek...

  • Your are so Geek...




    Let's have fun between Geeks ! The funiest Geek community ! ★★★ Geeks & Nerds Jokes sent by our members ★★★ ✓ You're so geek that you would like to be a computer to reboot your life in safe mode ✓ You're so geek that if asked to cite the alphabet you'd say: "In QWERTY...

  • Pets: Pics of your Cat or Dog




    Is your cat the cutest? Is your dog the most entertaining? Take a picture of your cat, dog or any other pet, and share it instantly on the social network for your pets! ★★★ The best social network for your pets ★★★ Vote and comment on the most beautiful or funniest pictures. Every day, find the...

  • Questions & Answers : Questina




    Got questions? Ask any type of question and the American community will be happy to answer you! ★★★ Got any questions? We've got answers! ★★★ ✓ Browse all community questions ✓ Vote and comment on each question ✓ Add friends and easily find their questions ✓ Search by categories or...

  • BeautiFood : Great Food Pics




    Have you ever wanted to take pictures and share the dish you were about to enjoy? If so, this is your app! ★★★ Social Application for Culinary Dishes! ★★★ Find pictures of the most beautiful dishes and the finest recipes! Snap pictures of your own food or what you are about to enjoy. Whether...

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