• Photo Editor Effect

    Photo Editor Effect


    Photo Editor Expert effective photo editor software kit which we produced because we would have liked an easy and quick method to edit our photos on the run without any fuss. Photo Editor Expert is really a fun and effective photo editor software kit that allows you rapidly crop, rotate, and...

  • Save Battery Liftetime

    Save Battery Liftetime


    Save Battery Liftetime helps your save battery lifetime with more features and fast boost your phone with one-touch memory cleaner. Save Battery Liftetime is Super -Extremely Easy and quick. It's 100% Free! Feature Include : Memory Cleaner , Life Indicator, Deep Sleep Mode, Settings...

  • Flipping Clock Weather

    Flipping Clock Weather




    Weather Clock Widget searches your address and finds metropolitan areas rapidly, and offers the present temperature, current the weather, humidity, pressure and wind speed and direction, additionally, five, 10 days and hourly weather forecast. the fast and accurate weather application, provides...

  • Wifi Speed Tester

    Wifi Speed Tester


    Speed Tester advanced tool which lets you measure Web connection speed on Android. Speed Tester is a user friendly Android application for rapidly checking your online speed.This free application hands the important elements to completely understand your service providers service quality from the...

  • Resize Photo Editor

    Resize Photo Editor


    Photo Images Resizer is easy you are able to resize the size and format from the image. Additionally, you may also easily create a symbol image for use for photo taking images, for example Facebook and blogs...etc. Photo Images Resizer is really a fun and effective photo editor software kit that...

  • Mobile Antivirus Scanner 2014

    Mobile Antivirus Scanner 2014




    Protect your mobile with Mobile Anti-virus Scanner. Mobile Security with free anti-virus for Android obtains against undesirable phishing, adware and spyware, spy ware, and malicious infections for example trojan viruses as well as against loss or thievery. Secure your phone and tablet with this...

  • Photo Slide Show - Music

    Photo Slide Show - Music




    Photo Slide Show! Are you know! The miracle of picture is you can freeze a instant. What if you're able to create a slideshow by a number of photos adding your own music? and share all of them with your buddies and family from your smartphone! You may make a slideshow as a present for your...

  • Music MP3 Player - Android

    Music MP3 Player - Android




    Music MP3 Player - Free The best muli featured music player for Android! A must have to listening to your like songs and you can make playlists personal! Manager music board easy simple, List you music in your mobile phone. This very good music player isn't just according to artists or...

  • HD Screenshot Display

    HD Screenshot Display




    HD Screenshot Display is snapshot tool. HD Screenshot Display gives you the easiest way to capture your screen into images,. Allow to take screenshots of your phone's screen. Easy snapshot display on your android deivce. Some featured can set delay to screenshot easy setting few tab. Make...

  • GPS Drive Navigation

    GPS Drive Navigation




    GPS Drive Navigation community based mapping, traffic & navigation application. Simply by driving around with Waze open, you are already adding a lot of real-time traffic & road info for your local driving community. You can also positively report accidents, hazards, police along with...




    Free Gps Navigation Satellite is free gps navigation app for android phone and tablets. Find any nearby place like restaurants, gas, coffee, and ATMs or any recent destination with just a tap or simple voice command or touch. Making your overall trip faster and more efficient. Real-time share...

  • Ram auto Clean

    Ram auto Clean




    Ram auto Clean is clean all unwanted contents to speed boost in mobile phone or SD Card memory Simple, thorough, and safe, designed to oneclick auto clean junk files in your systems, regain free storage, enhance speed, and secure your device from malicious apps and vulnerabilities.Ram auto Clean...






    REMOTE CONTROL SMART TV is be the Ultimate Handheld Remote Control application that enables you to definitely turn your Android device into remote controller and much more. Benefit from the MediaShare feature from the application and share your multimedia content out of your wise phone for your....

  • Mobile Number Location

    Mobile Number Location




    Mobile Number Location get Details about the unknown caller. Mobile Number Location is the personal application through which you'll easily track all of the locations you've visited. Its an easy application that allows you to track your personal locations on date smart. Are you currently...

  • WiFi Hotspot Lite Free

    WiFi Hotspot Lite Free




    WiFi Hotspot Lite is Wi-Fi hotspot. improve your mobile with a laptop or computer experience. Quick and easy. simplest and quickest method to share large files between Android products using Wi-fi compatability direct. This premier application turns your phone in to the quickest high-bandwidth...

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