• PageSpeed




    Heard about Google Page Speed Online? Quoted from Google Page Speed Online is a new web-based tool that allows users to analyze pages at any time, in any browser, without downloading an extension. It also features Page Speed Mobile analysis, which lets developers analyze their site as...

  • 劉明




    = Introduction = 一個為 CD-ROM 而製的的高登 app. = 功能 = * 接駁到反應較平常 forums 快的 mobile 版 * 以暗灰色顯示區分獲負評的題目 * 簡化分頁,只有回到首頁與下一頁 * 轉台 * 賣飛佛 * 作為預設 APP 開 URL * 利用 GOOGLE 做搜尋功能 (有 QUOTA 限制) * 分享 URL 到 Google+/ Facebook 等 APP * 相集模式 * 直接輸入 POST ID * 記下每個 POST 的最後閱讀頁數 Tags: hkgolden, opensource,...

  • Occupy Central events report




    ---- LIVE: Verified updates https://www.facebook.com/hkverified/posts/640679639383197 "" In order to efficiently and effectively provide the latest updates to the general public, we are providing a report form for you to submit events through. Please ensure that the information you are...

  • Vignette Filters Exchange




    Have you ever seen any photos created by the great app [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.neilandtheresa.NewVignette Vignette app] but not sure which effect filters they applied? Now *Vignette Filters Exchange* (VFE) is here as a centralized place for every Vignette app users to...

  • BB 排名




    此 app 並非是次投票活動的官方 app, 純為方便大家知道各位 BB 排名結果 活動網址: https://promo.nestle.com.hk/nanprobb/happytummy/ = 功能 = * 按票數由多至少顯示結果 * 可輸入 BB ID 搜尋排名 * 記住最後見過的 BB, 方便下次開 app 即時查看 * Tap 一下開網頁投票 Credits:...

  • Web2PDF




    * V2.0 is released! 9 MAR 2014 * As the note on 16 FEB 2014, pdfmyrul is no longer a sufficient service provider in terms of free features. I am now hosting my pdf generation server after spending some time on researching. As a benefit of it, all generated pdf will not have a bottom banner text!...

  • PalPal


    PalPal unifies your social feeds into three timelines: - Stream: Facebook home feed and Twitter home timeline - Notifications: Facebook Notifications and Twitter mentions - Messages: Twitter direct messages All timeline are sorted according to updated time such that you won't miss any...

  • Powerless




    The power button of my nexus one is broken, I cannot do reboot phone or lock screen tasks without the need of a adb shell. So I make a simple app to replace what a hardware button does. To uninstall Powerless, please go to your device administration to deactivate it or press the remove device...

  • tedAlarm


    = Introduction = TedAlarm is an idea proposed by my friend Ted that he wants an alarm only rings on working days but not holidays. He inspired me to make an alarm app knows which day is a holiday. = Features = * Single/ Repeating alarm. Choose the type of alarm you want. * Knows holidays....

  • NotiTranslate




    NotiTranslate is your Google translate in notification area. It translates your clipboard text to language of your choice just by one tap. Supported languages: AFRIKAANS ITALIAN ALBANIAN JAPANESE ARABIC KOREAN BELARUSIAN LATVIAN BULGARIAN LITHUANIAN CATALAN...

  • PriceWatch




    (19 Dec 2011 注意! 由於 Google App Engine 的免費 Quota 在新政策實施後變得完全不夠用, 暫時 PriceWatch 只能夠在每日下午四點鐘當 Quota Reset 後才可以用. 我打算轉用 heroku 不過此舉並非短時間內可完成. 現在唯有請大家見諒.) 你平時有沒有留意超級市場貨品價格?你又可曾想過超級市場做特價時是否真的比平時便宜? PriceWatch 提供可靠情報讓你能當一位精明消費者。 平時你可以輸入關鍵字或者使用 Barcode 去尋找超級市場的貨品。所 與此同時你亦可以將貨品標示為監察中。Pricewatch...

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