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Alternative News

The news "THEY" don't want you to know, we have put together some of the most informative news from streaming radio, video channels and websites to keep you up to date on the censored news. This is the MOST complete alternative news application for Android available. Be informed and educated with the news you need to know!

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Alien Invasion

It's the year 2081 and Earth's populace has been scattered throughout the galaxy since the invasion of 2062 by an alien race named the Morid.No one knows where they came from, but they had only one mission and that was to wipeout mankind. Earth's descendants fled to the distant planets to make a new home for themselves hoping that the M…

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Download Wolves Wolves icon

This app allows you to look through pictures of some beautiful wolves and set them as your wallpaper if you want Plus find sanctuaries in the United States with the built in mapping and GPS location. Find out more by visiting their sites that are all linked in this app. If you like wolves you'll love this app!

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Pumpkin Smash

Ever just wanted to smash some halloween pumpkins? Well now you can smash away the witch's pumpkins. Unlimited pumpkin stomping satisfaction in 3D! A great stress reliever and it's not a game to win.... it's just purely for the fun of it!

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Alien Killer

After the bugs have hit Earth with a massive surprise attack we take the fight to them! You are part of a massive invasion on the bug home world. Your Warbringer class ship has been shot down by an enemy fire bug. You must defend your ship from the onslaught of bugs until help can arrive. Remember trooper the only good bug is a dead one! Please n…

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Air Fighter

Air Fighter you're our best hope in winning this war, it's your job to deliver the prototype plane you just stole from the enemy. You must fend off countless waves of enemies trying to stop you from achieving your goal, if we don't get the prototype from the enemy they will build hundreds and we will lose this war! Beware you might ha…

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Download Christmas Cheer Music & Scenes Christmas Cheer Music & Scenes icon
Christmas Cheer Music & Scenes

Enjoy the many music classics of Christmas with fully animated scenes for both kids & adults. Relax by a realistic virtual fireplace or let the kids enjoy the dancing snowmen. Complete with high quality Christmas music, no internet connection required the music is built in!

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Pizza Defender

Defend your delicious pizza from all the nasty bugs that want it. Smash, squash and pound them! Watch out and don't hurt for the friendly bugs such as butterflies and lady bugs. Grab the power ups such as glue and bug spray to wipe out those pesky critters. How long can your keep your pizza safe!

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Download Christmas Time Memories Christmas Time Memories icon
Christmas Time Memories

Test your memory with Santa's Christmas Time Memories. It's the classic memory card matching game complete with multiple levels, Christmas music classics and delightful Christmas art. Try to be the best score by matching all cards across 3 levels in the least turns possible. Fun for both young and old!

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Amazing Mouse

Join Amazing Mouse in his quest to eat cheese and get gold. Avoid all kinds of enemies bird, dogs, cats, paper air planes and more while you fly thru the house. Watch out because each time you get hit you will lose health, but eat some cheese and get it back!

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