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watalab Project 24142

  • Birthday Mail Generator

    Birthday Mail Generator


    I believe those who want to send a birthday email birthday of a friend or lover. I'm looking for people who do not have safe canned not know what can I send a text. This app me paste into an e-mail to automatically generate the text. Move the bar to your liking, I will make a sentence that...

  • ProtectShield





    Protect the country from enemy missile game. From enemy missiles flying because of the type of street number, trying to protect the city of their team to create a defense system that corresponds to this missile. To prevent the missile defense can be by placing (ProtectionShield) shield. However,...

  • ToggleDevice





    Application of the rotation of the device to switch ON and WiFi GPS, Bluetooth, screen, or OFF. If you want to start the GPS in a state that Open the app and maps If you want to change the orientation of the screen while running the application, Do you operate a switch like? Galaxy series, etc....

  • CramerSolver






  • Provide a topic Topic!

    Provide a topic Topic!




    Topic application provides us with the topic in conversation when you are having difficulty! Provides us with Na Do what the topic when you chillin the conversation. It can also go to register any questions, you can register if there is a good topic, Let's use at a later time.

  • QuadraticEquation





    Is an application that calculates the quadratic equation.

  • HitNumber





    This app reminded me count the numbers. You reminded me guess a number and answer the question five times. Whopping 100% accuracy rate! ! I guess the numbers would not think of it?

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