• AAR Planner




    Ultimate pilot's planner/calendar app. Access your tasks, weather (METAR/TAF), aviation news in a single overlay view over AA-RACE calendar images. Works as a widget also. If you are driving or flying AAR Planner can read you weather information as ATIS. As a special bonus AA-RACE 2013...

  • NailIt Sync




    NailIt client for syncing iPhone/iPad with NailIt Cloud server. Syncs Contacts, Calendar and Documents between iPhone/iPad and NailIt Cloud Server. Free 5GB NailIt account. NailIt Cloud is the only Cloud Server that you can also download install as your corporate cloud, collaboration and mail...

  • HardHit Trainer




    HardHit Trainer is a universal stopwatch and training assistant for box, martial arts, tae boo and similar sports. Besides working as a specialized stopwatch allowing you to setup number of rounds, duration of each round, rest periods, etc. HardHit Trainer offers one more unique capability. When...

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