• Follow The Rainbow

    Follow The Rainbow


    Follow the rainbow and collect gold from the leprechaun. How long will you last? Another simple, fun, and addicting game brought to you by WaZUMBi!. Background music courtesy of: Kevin MacLeod oncompetech.com

  • Leaping Llamas?

    Leaping Llamas?


    A challenging game for all llama lovers alike. Help feed your Leaping Llama. Jump on some hay and give 'em a treat like carrots and apples. Watch out for the disappearing hay stack or the dreadful exploding hay. Llamas definitely don't like exploding hay. Oh, and while your llama may...

  • Bouncing Baby

    Bouncing Baby


    Baby likes to bounce around and play with his rattle. Baby is hungry and wants his baba too. Help baby avoid the baby fences and get to his baba and rattles.

  • Eat Fishy

    Eat Fishy


    Poor Fishy. Pumpkin is hungry and he really likes fish. Help Pumpkin eat Fishy. How many can you eat before you get eaten yourself? Times a waistin and Pumpkin is only getting hungrier. Background music: ©1998-2014 Kevin MacLeod

  • My Time CLock

    My Time CLock




    A time clock app to enter your hours worked each day. Helps you keep track of your hours and schedule. Figure how much you will get paid. Calculates overtime for California standard or FLSA. One click clock in/out feature. Just punch in/out and go. Enhanced schedule feature to save and edit your...

  • Caterpillars Can Count

    Caterpillars Can Count


    Hey, your not the only one that can count. Caterpillars can count too. Caterpillars Can Count is a unique but fun and easy counting game for kids of all ages (and yes, even adults). See how fast you can find and count the scrambled numbers on the screen. Count up or backwards. Start from zero...

  • Smack A Smiley

    Smack A Smiley


    How many Smileys can you smack? You are given a smiley and the goal is to smack as many as you can before a new smiley appears. Sounds easier than it is... Three levels of difficulty. Twelve unique Smileys to smack. Two different types of games to master: Timed Smack - How many Smiley's...

  • Alien Alphabet

    Alien Alphabet


    So just how fast can you tap the alphabet on the screen? How about when the letters are shuffled around every 5 seconds? Sounds easy? Play Alien Alphabet and see. A fun game to help your youngsters learn the alphabet. Fun for adults too. Challenge your toddler to an alphabet duel... Includes...

  • Religious Quotes Quiz

    Religious Quotes Quiz


    A great way to enlighten any day. Learn quotes as and famous sayings from the five major religions of the world. Christianity Islam Buddhism Hinduism Judaism This app contains a 20 question quiz where you are given a quote and must choose which religion it belongs to. Hundreds of quotes to...

  • Frenzy Digits

    Frenzy Digits


    So you think you can count huh? Frenzy Digits is a unique and challenging counting game to test the whits of even the smartest of numerologists. See how fast you can find and count the scrambled numbers on the screen. Count up or backwards. Start from zero or one. Choose from 4 different size...

  • Animal World Pics and Games

    Animal World Pics and Games


    An app for children to view animals across the world. Choose from over 200 animals categorized by region or type. Includes 3 games: A classic puzzle and a slider puzzle game where you can turn any animal into a puzzle from 6 different degrees of difficulty. Also includes a traditional...

  • Mega Hanjie Nonogram Griddlers

    Mega Hanjie Nonogram Griddlers




    A random nonogram puzzle generator. Also called hanjie, griddlers, or paint by numbers. A new and challenging spin on the classic hanjie puzzle game. Play by 4 cells at a time or play classic hanjie. Try and solve the game by filling in the grid using the given number pattern clues. Play...

  • Skateboard Farm

    Skateboard Farm




    Not just another skateboarding app. Enter the Skateboard Farm with the most unique skate controls in the game. Where animals of all species come together and join in a friendly game of flat ground skating. Choice of ten different characters to help tweak your skills. Play 'Free Skate'...

  • Skateboard Bird

    Skateboard Bird




    Skateboard Bird not only loves to fly but he is also an insane skater. His favorite trick is a kick flip. Tap the screen and help Skateboard Bird navigate the obstacles in his path.

  • Dog Catcher

    Dog Catcher




    Stray dogs are running amuck on the farm and chasing all of your poor little cats. Try and round them up before it's too late and all the dogs get away...

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