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Webcbg LLC

  • Icronyms





    Icronyms provides business professionals with instant access to thousands of the most useful abbreviations. The massive list of terms is an essential reference tool throughout any business professionals day. Features: - Over 7,000 abbreviations including Finance, Insurance, Legal, Risk...

  • Translaterms





    Download Brokerslink Insurance Translaterms, the first ever multi-language insurance term translator used by all insurance professionals and their clients around the world. Insurance experts contributors are: Jose Manuel Fonseca, Jacqueline Legrand, Paul Bitner, Patrick Chan, Paula Rios,...

  • Insuraccess



    InsurAccess is a web-based client portal for insurance brokers and their clients. It enables brokers to store, organize and share insurance policies and all related documents with their clients. It give clients instant access to their insurance policy documents anytime, anywhere. Insurance...

  • Maptycs



    Maptycs is a localization application that allows the visualization of a portfolio of properties on a map along with a broad set of analytics.

  • Staflist





    Staflist is a mobile business directory application. All data is secured with SSL encryptions and unlike other company directions, it does not use firewalls nor does it require IT staff or additional software. Updates are automatic and instantaneous as the application is constantly synchronizing....

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