Webcore Games

  • Bitstagram




    Bitstagram is a tribute to video games history. With just one touch, you can turn your photos into instant retro video gaming classics. From Pong’s black and white feel, to 8-bit color pallets as the Master System and the 256 glorious SNES colors - just to name a few. Explore all the...

  • Mission: Water




    Why not to have some fun while avoiding wasting water? Mission Water is a game where you have to manage wasting water spots existing in a house. To overcome this challenge – both in the game and in real life – we need to manage potential wasting water spots and reduce our water consumption....

  • Menino Maluquinho Sem Memória




    O Menino Maluquinho anda muito desligado. Não sabemos se é porque ele está apaixonado ou se está com alguma nova ideia maluca na cabeça. O fato é que ele anda esquecendo várias coisas por aí e precisa de sua ajuda para encontrá-las. No jogo o Menino Maluquinho Sem Memória são apresentados...

  • MiniHunt Free




    New full, ad-supported version of MiniHunt totally free. You can still buy the ad-free version at https://market.android.com/details?id=air.miniHunt Tiny mischievous bugs invite you to a different game of hide and seek. Swipe the sand to hunt them down in the correct order. Don't take long,...

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