• Old Guns




    You would be able to feel the history of First World War by using the finest pistols of that time. Just give it a shot! Downloading this app you can do it with the first world war weapons! You can choose from 8 different pistols such like: 1) FN Browning M 1910 2) Nambu Type A 1902 3) Luger P08...

  • Sniper Rifles




    We bring you the top most popular sniper rifles in the world. It is not strange, but if you do not have the opportunity to shoot with them in life, you can do it by the phone. Of course you will not be able shoot on the jar as in the shooting range, but in the virtual jar or virtual opponent -...

  • Weapons Sounds




    In the world so many people who love weapons. These people like to keep it in his hands and shoot, to feel the impact of the machine or a gun, but most of them, in our opinion, like the sound. Each weapon has its own unique sound. One can stun but the other sounds like a melody. We are so...

  • Rock Paper




    A simple and fun game Rock Scissors Paper for 2 players. My first program, don't judge strictly =].

  • Jewels Game




    Don’t you get bored of the games where you don’t have to think? How about training your brain and proving to yourself that you can, not only kill brainless zombies or launch birds at the specific angle to the sky? I assure you, your brain going to be grateful! We introduce to you a new puzzle...

  • Animal Wallpapers




    In this app you will find the large selection of animal backgrounds. One click and you can easily set the beautiful image on your phone. At the moment, collected more than 20 types of animals, such as bears, tigers, birds, cats, crocodiles, dogs, etc. We tried to find the most interesting...

  • Party Game




    Important!!! All players are supposed to be 18 (in some countries 21) years old !!! Bored of drinking alcohol? I'm sure - not! But still it could be more fun, especially if you have friends with you. Our amazing App will help you! All you need is to have at least 1 friend with you. Rules:...

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