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  • Myth





    “Myth” is a fantastic world full of mysteries, adventure and epic battles! You have a chance to become the great lord, build your own castle, collect resources, fight with monsters and unravel mysteries. Hundreds of powerful artifacts are waiting for you, many of which you will make by yourself....

  • Сказбука





    Установите самое лучшее обучающее приложение для детей на Русском языке! Теперь ребенок может выучить буквы сам, 33 буквы - 33 игровых уровня. - Уникальная система обучения. - Голос Вадима Демчог (Интерны, Mr. Freeman). - Сказки Леонардо Да Винчи. - Великолепная музыка. - Мультипликационная...

  • Land of Gods

    Land of Gods




    • Exciting Free Adventure This brand new game takes you into the captivating world of myths of ancient Greece, where gods live next to ordinary people! • Ruler! Inhabbitants Await Your Advice! Evil Titans destroyed the thriving Greek city. You are the only hope! Help restore the former glory and...

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