• Jake Bugg

    Jake Bugg




    The young, talented English guitarist singer/songwriter, Jake Bugg offers us what the modern day music scene has been waiting for since Bob Dylan.He is indeed a rare and specially talented songsmith whose inspiration span from Hendrix and Cash to modern day 'brit-pop'. This FREE app is a...

  • Toon Army

    Toon Army


    This FREE app is a must for any Toon Fans. You'll be able to keep up to date with any Newcastle United Football Club news and general geordie banter with regards to the best sporting club in the world!

  • Lady Gaga Laid Bare!

    Lady Gaga Laid Bare!




    You know, we're really lucky to be living in the age of Lady Gaga. What we do here is keep all you Lady Gaga fans, up to date with all that she is up to in her life. Download this FREE app and you'll be able to - see her latest fashions - see her facebook page - see how to re-create her...

  • Muse





    This FREE app is what all Muse fans need to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of MUSE. All you Muse fans will be kept up to date with all the news they want us to know about, and maybe some they don't! Download this FREE app and you'll be able to - see their facebook...

  • Yamaha Guitar

    Yamaha Guitar




    This fun free app is for all guitar fans, especially those of you who are into Yamaha Guitars. You'll find pictures, videos, links, tweets and news relating to guitars created by Yamaha. Download now and start browsing. Which one's your favourite?

  • Vertical Jump Bible

    Vertical Jump Bible




    Are you needing to increase your vertical jump? The Vertical Jump Bible app will show anyone how to increase their vertical jump. Whether this be for Basketball, Volleyball or football, we'll point you in the right direction to gain the knowledge and so therefore be able to train to gain...

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