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  • ICD-10-CM





    International Classification of Diseases codes. Now you can see the new ICD-10 codes that will replace the current ICD-9. Works off-line and it contains more than 32,500 searchable codes. - Search the database while you type - Database size reduced

  • ICD-9-CM & ICD-10-CM

    ICD-9-CM & ICD-10-CM




    International Classification of Diseases codes 9 International Classification of Diseases codes 10 Now you can see both - ICD-9 (more that 14,900 searchable codes) and - ICD-10 codes (more than 32,500 searchable codes) - Works off-line and it contains more than 47,200 codes! - search the...

  • G2xFixWi-Fi





    NO ROOT NEEDED! SO DO NOT VOID THE WARRANTY ON YOUR PHONE! It is already known about a WiFi bug on T-mobile G2x devices. Apparently the problem is caused by a wrong DNS configuration when disabling and enabling the WiFi connection, or after rebooting the device. Some users fixed it by rooting...

  • FakeSMS





    Fool you friends with fake messages!!! With this application you can create a fake text message (SMS) into your Messaging Application. Just select the type of message (From or To), type the phone number, set the date and time, type your message and press Send. Then open your native Messaging...

  • Pregnancy Calculator

    Pregnancy Calculator




    This application estimates the expected delivery date based on 40 weeks, starting from the first day of last menstrual period. - Extrapolates gestational age of ultrasonography. - Average fetal weight - Crown-rump length from weeks 11 to 40 - Calculate LMP from due date

  • Influenza A H1N1 Screening

    Influenza A H1N1 Screening




    This is Influenza A H1N1 Screening questions for health care providers.

  • Calculadora de embarazo

    Calculadora de embarazo




    Este programa estima la fecha probable de parto basado en 40 semanas, comenzando desde el primer día del último período menstrual. También extrapola la edad gestacional de las ultrasonografías. Promedia el peso fetal y la longitud céfalo-caudal entre la semana 11 y 40. - Implementación del...

  • Consulta Médica (Medical)

    Consulta Médica (Medical)




    Con esta aplicación puede consultar en forma privada con el médico respecto a alguna duda o necesidad de información sobre algún tema relacionado con la salud y la medicina. Las preguntas serán resueltas a manera de opinión médica y su finalidad es de tipo educativa o informativa solamente. De...

  • Heart Age Calculator

    Heart Age Calculator


    Heart Age Calculator General Cardiovascular Disease (10-year risk) Interactive Risk Score Calculator Calculate your heart age using your Body Mass Index or Cholesterol Levels

  • Atrial Fibrillation Calculator

    Atrial Fibrillation Calculator


    Do you have Atrial Fibrillation? Do you want to estimate your 10 year risk? If you answered yes to any of this question, then this app is for you. Calculate your 10-year risk of Atrial Fibrillation -Interactive Risk Score Calculator.

  • Density debugger

    Density debugger




    Take a snapshot of your screen for debugging purposes, then press menu and send me your screenshot. This app is only for debugging purposes only, if you downloaded and you are not helping me into a debugging process, please uninstall this application now.

  • Escala de coma de Glasgow

    Escala de coma de Glasgow




    Esta es una sencilla calculadora para la Escala de Coma de Glasgow. - Escala para infantes, niños y adultos - Interpretación de puntuación

  • Baby Signing

    Baby Signing




    Imagine knowing what your baby wanted before he or she were able to talk. Now you can with Baby Signing for Android OS. - Back and Next buttons - Supporting Multiple Screens

  • Fake Force Close

    Fake Force Close




    Fool anyone who tries to use your Android phone by showing fake "force closing" messages. This app allows you to create a desktop shortcut with any name and icon that display a fake "Force close" message.




    Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System This app contains the Level II alphanumeric HCPCS procedure and modifier codes and their descriptions Fast search engine.

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