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  • 小三偵測器(免費版)





  • 小三偵測器



  • Poker King


    First with the poker drama classic RPG masterpiece! Brad was originally a still in college math student, his father engaged in the trading business, the original family wealthy, but his father's property after being cheated partner, the depression and finally, he was forced to interrupt their...

  • Frenzy Baseball




    As a super fan of baseball,one day, you own your baseball team "Frenzy". You are going to compete the worldbaseball championship with many national teams. Play the baseball games in the most interesting way ,and win the glory of champion for your Frenzy baseball team.

  • Kuso CakeHouse




    ※ Uploading your handmade unique cake to facebook! JoJohn's cake house is opening. Memorize the cake recipe and you can make delicious cake yourself. What''s more! Decorating cake is the most intersting part of the game. You can decorate your cake with candles, x'mas stuff or...

  • World in the puzzles


    Collect more than the world's scenic spots, travel abroad too much trouble to spend money that it? Download the puzzle around the world to the world at your fingertips.

  • 辣妹猜猜樂



  • Absolute Fortune


    Aboslute fortune is a chinese fortune lot game. You shake the bottle and draw lots. The words in the lots wll reveal the message from the Gods. You can also collect Ying-yang points to unlock many scenes and interesting bottles.

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