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    Never pay for SMS again! Don't you feel it's ridiculous to pay for your text messages? Emails are free, IM is free, so why do you still pay for those SMS messages? Online users of FreeMyText exchange text messages for FREE among themselves. Get FreeMyText, ask your friends to get it too,...

  • Online for Real?




    Online for Real alerts you when your connection to the internet is blocked by a "welcome page" of a hotel, airport, coffee shop... In such case you have no indication that you cannot use apps' connecting to the internet. The App pops up an alert allowing you to open a browser,...

  • Jungle Planet




    Enjoy countless hours of fun and brain stimulation with the all-in-one Jungle Planet for Kids game. Now available for more than 600 million handsets around the world, Jungle Planet for Kids provides zoological pictures to play with from all around the animal kingdom!

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    Never pay for SMS again! FreeMyText Pro allows you to enjoy all FreeMyText great features and of course FREE TEXT MESSAGES without seeing ads. Enjoy

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