• CloudVoc - Vocabulary Trainer




    CloudVoc is a free vocabulary trainer. It helps you to learn vocabulary on different devices. It doesn't matter where you are. CloudVoc lets you train your vocabulary anywhere. CloudVoc consists of www.cloudvoc.mobi and this app. The special feature of CloudVoc is to synchronize (sync) data...

  • Display Shot




    Shoot your display by tapping it! Also a great way to prank friends who want to use your Android device! You can also shoot pictures and the live camera preview. This is joke app. Don't take it serious. Mail us your ideas or bugs. Available weapons: -gun -rocket launcher -knife -snowball...

  • barcode2file




    With this app, you are able to scan many barcodes. After scanning, add comments and send the text via e-mail or save the text in a file. Use this app for inventory to count same barcodes. If you like this app, you will like barcode2file Pro, too. With barcode2file Pro you can save your barcodes...

  • Electric Shaver




    Electric Shaver for Android is one of our free fun applications for Android phones. The free game makes fun of the believe that smartphones can do everything and turns your mobile phone into an elecrtric shaver. The realistic sound and interface confuse family and friends and causes a lot of...

  • Display Shot Widget




    !!!Only for Display Shot Pro users!!! Widgets for Display Shot Pro. Available in two colors to start Display Shot Pro. Notice: You need Display Shot Pro!!!

  • Dart (Beta)




    Play dart wherever you are. Shake your mobile or slide with your finger on the screen for throwing the dart. Please note: This app is a beta-version. Send us problems, feature-requests or ideas. Changelog: www.webxit.mobi/dart.html

  • Werewolf Attack




    Werewolf Attack is a free shooter game. In the deep forest are a lot of cruel werwolves. Kill them before they attack you. You get points for every killed werwolf. But you loose points, if the werewolf attacks you or you have to reload. Check it out and have a lot of fun and become the best in...

  • Web Analytic Client (for Piwik




    With this app you can watch your Piwik web analytics. Get visits, referers and keywords. Notice, this client works with Piwik, only. Please send us feature requests, ideas or problems. Check the pro version out. Update: Site-ID

  • Halloween Game




    This is a little fun app for Halloween. Don't take it too serious. It's just a gag. Show it your friends. Maybe they don't know the app, yet.

  • Truck Sounds




    Turn your mobile, to start the engine of your truck. Pull the mobile down, and you can hear your horn. This app plays sounds and use the motion sensors.

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