WeFi Labs

  • WeFi Pro Beta - Automatic WiFi




    WeFi Pro Beta seamlessly upgrades network connection experience on your Android device. Our intelligent technology automatically connects your device to the best network in your area, wherever you go. This means two times faster data speeds to ensure faster video, sharper images, better gaming...

  • SpeedFacts (Beta)




    SpeedFacts keeps you "in the know". Know the facts about the speeds your getting from wireless carriers when using mobile applications on your device. You can choose any application and see the speed on your own wireless operator and on other operators. Have fun seeing the actual...

  • Find Wi-Fi




    Discover free Wi-Fi networks anywhere you want, see hotspots on the map or get a list of addresses. Find Wi-Fi is Simple and Friendly and with more than 100 Million!!! Hotspots worldwide, Find Wi-Fi is the best available app on the market. Worry free hotspot database updates! With WeFi you...

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