West Hill

  • DragonTweet RPG-style-Twitter




    "DragonTweet" is a retro RPG-style Twitter app. Go on an adventure through your timeline just as if you are playing a game! *Basic Functionality* - Timeline display - Favorites,@mentions display - Created lists display - User profile display - Following/followers list display -...

  • M.A.G




    "M.A.G" is a simple scroll action shooting game. You run while attacking the enemy by shot and stomp!! *New released "M.A.G 2". The game, graphic, and the volume have evolved greatly than "M.A.G". Please play if it is good!! *Non Support devices QVGA(320x240)...

  • M.A.G 2




    "M.A.G 2" is amazing side scroll action shooting game. You select the favorite from a lovely character of four types and run while attacking the monster by shot, stomp and "Hadou Beam"!! ==About the license Check== In this application, it connects to the server every several...

  • Scar Rush!!




    "Scar Rush!!" is a 3D survival shooter action game for Android Phone, Android Tablet. Protagonist of the game is being targeted from creatures. Your mission is to survive the time limit while killing the creature. - Easy operation. Move in a virtual stick, Attack in a shoot button. -...

  • G & B




    A 2D STG like RPG party system with a retro feel! Let's buster ghosts with three members of party! - Easy operation. Attack and movement simply by sliding your finger on the screen! - Members will level up by gathering exp points by applying the attack! - All HP recovery and max HP up by...

  • Development




    This application is shortcut to "Developer options"





    "STAR VADER" is a classic lite shooting game. It is a simplicity shooting with exhilaration one feels. Let's explode the alien by the shot!! The power-up item falls when UFO is exploded. *Recommended screen size WVGA(800x480) FWVGA(854x480) QHD(960x540) (960x640) HD(1280x720)...

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