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Endless Depths RPG

Endless Depths RPG is an old school 'rogue-like' turn-based role-playing game, which utilizes randomly-generated dungeons and a one-character-one-life rule that makes simply staying alive to be the major challenge in the game. Endless Depths also incorporates concepts such as strategic combat abilities to put a new flavor on the old-school…

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Marbles Classic

Marbles Classic is the classic puzzle game of marbles/bubbles/balloons where you remove marbles from the playing field by selecting two or more adjacent marbles of the same color. The more marbles in your selection, the higher your score. Gain a Marbles bonus by ending the game with fewer than 5 marbles on the board. Marbles Classic also keeps t…

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Download Endless Nights RPG Endless Nights RPG icon
Endless Nights RPG

Endless Nights is a role-playing game in the rogue-like tradition, which means randomized adventure areas, random dungeons and a different adventure each time you play the game. The TitanFire RPG system used in the game provides for strategic combat by putting an emphasis on defense and on developing strategies to break through the defenses of your…

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Download Dolce Gusto Coffee Timer Dolce Gusto Coffee Timer icon
Dolce Gusto Coffee Timer

The Dolce Gusto Coffee Timer allows owners of the Nestle Dolce Gusto coffee machine to brew the perfect cup of coffee by providing a free timer tied to Nestle's guidelines for each individual coffee. Whether you are looking for the best Caramel Latte Macchiato or a smooth Americano, this timer will help you brew it to perfection. One of the b…

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Download AD&D Random Dungeon Gen 4e AD&D Random Dungeon Gen 4e icon
AD&D Random Dungeon Gen 4e

Have you ever wanted to play D&D alone? Or perhaps your dungeon master didn't arrive for the weekly RPG session? The RPG Random Dungeon Generator uses D&D 4e monsters, traps and treasure to generate unique adventures for 1-8 characters from level 1 all the way up to level 30. The Random Dungeon Generator can be used to go through your…

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Download AD&D Tool: Random Encounters AD&D Tool: Random Encounters icon
AD&D Tool: Random Encounters

AD&D Tool: Random Encounters provides the busy DM with easy-to-use random 4th edition encounters including random monster groups, a dice roller, treasure parcels and random magic items separated by type. This handy tool can be used by players wishing for a quick adventure or just to add a dose of random to a d20 campaign.

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Download Gluten Free Ingredients Gluten Free Ingredients icon
Gluten Free Ingredients

For those with gluten sensitivity, intolerance or celiac disease, the grocery store can seem like a mine field. Gluten Free Ingredients provides a searchable list of safe/unsafe ingredients. So even if the label doesn't list allergens, you can still check for gluten.

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Marbles Invasion

The marbles are back, and this time they have invasion on their mind. But the brave folks of the world have come up with a solution: shoot marbles back up at them! Marbles Invasion is a connect the marbles game where you shoot marbles up at an invading force of marbles. Connecting three or more same-colored marbles will result in destruction of t…

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Download RPG Dice Calculator RPG Dice Calculator icon
RPG Dice Calculator

Tired of lugging around 30 dice to gaming sessions? Forget to put your d12 in your dice bag? Not enough 6-sided dice to calculate your epic character's fireball without rolling the dice over and over again? No problem. RPG Dice Calculator is like having an infinite bag of dice in your pocket.

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