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Russian alphabet for kids

★★★★★ 1 000 000 downloads - the best Russian Alphabet Educational App ★★★★★ Learn Russian Alphabet with your kids. Colourful pictures, big images. Shake the phone to get random letter. Pronunciation of the letters and sounds helps children faster and easier to remember the alphabet. For children from 2 to 7 years. The application adapted to run…

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Download Tales and fairy tales books Tales and fairy tales books icon
Tales and fairy tales books

1 000 000 downloads - the best Tales and Books Tales and books with pictures. Audio fairy tales and children's books with pictures! More than 50 of the best, favorite audio tales for children and adults with bright, colorful illustrations by the best artists especially for children. Available languages: English and Russian. If you want to re…

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Download Mathematics and numbers kids Mathematics and numbers kids icon
Mathematics and numbers kids

★★★★★ 1 000 000 downloads - the best learn numbers app ★★★★★ "Mathematics and the numbers for children" will help your child: - Very quick and easy learn to count to 10. - Learn mental arithmetic - Learn numbers - their designation, writing and names Count animals with the children, remember and draw the numbers, play games. Full vers…

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Download Learn Colors for Toddlers Learn Colors for Toddlers icon
Learn Colors for Toddlers

Colors for Kids app will help your children to quickly learn colors and their tints. With the help of developing games they will learn colors of different objects and all colors of the rainbow. Your kid can also mix colors and get new ones. After installing the key new features will be unlocked: colors mixing, sounds, color names and additional de…

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Download Breastfeeding Tracker Pumping Breastfeeding Tracker Pumping icon
Breastfeeding Tracker Pumping

The most simple program to track breastfeeding. Breastfeeding App for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on! Breastfeeding - an application for young and modern moms, which allows you to: - Remember what you las…

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Download Zanimashki - educational games Zanimashki - educational games icon
Zanimashki - educational games

Children's interactive educational magazine. The magazine is for children aged 2 to 10. Colorful pictures and interesting tasks will help your child improve learning skills and begin to understand the world around us. The magazine includes tasks for developing attention, imagination, logical thinking, memory and speech, which are so important a…

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Download Neposeda Neposeda icon

This colorful gorgeous app "Neposeda" includes educational stories, entertaining puzzles and amazing experiments! Comic book heroes will tell about the life of animals, kind fairytales will carry you away into the world of fun and fantasy. Pyshkaryova will teach you how to cook simple funny meals and Neposeda will entice you into mischie…

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Download Learn forms, figures, shapes Learn forms, figures, shapes icon
Learn forms, figures, shapes

Using the "Learn forms and shapes" your children quickly learn the basic shapes of objects. Educational games can help you quickly learn forms, and have fun. The full version contains audio pronunciation of the names of forms, as well as additional educational games. You can learn forms and shapes in Russian, English or German. This op…

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Download 3/9 Kingdom - kid's magazine 3/9 Kingdom - kid's magazine icon
3/9 Kingdom - kid's magazine

Imagine a magazine page that you want to not just read, and where necessary to help the heroes to help them go through all the obstacles encountered in their way. Each magazine contains: games, logic tasks for development, job reading assignments into account, as well as puzzles, instructions and recipes of different dishes. Each new issue of the…

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Download Kid's Shell - Kid Launcher Kid's Shell - Kid Launcher icon
Kid's Shell - Kid Launcher

Kids's Shell - children's shell (or children launcher) allows to run only allowed applications and games on your phone or tablet. The application allows parents to create a safe zone on your device and be pationt for the device and children. Kid's Shell is a Parental Control app developed to make your phone or tablet safe for children.…

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