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  • Learn Colors for kids - key

    Learn Colors for kids - key




    This is a key for application 'Colors for Kids' 'Colors for Kids' app will help your children to quickly learn colors and their tints. With the help of developing games they will learn colors of different objects and all colors of the rainbow. After installing the key new...

  • Breastfeeding - key

    Breastfeeding - key




    This is the key to the application, "Breastfeeding," which disables ads and opens the full functionality of the application, including a handy widget on the desktop. Breastfeeding - an application for the young and modern moms, which allows you to: - Remember what breast-fed baby the...

  • Mathematics and figures KEY

    Mathematics and figures KEY





    The key to the application "Mathematics and the figures for the kids," which opens a full functional application. This application will help your child quickly and easily learn how to count to 10. Application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whisperarts.kids.math...

  • Russian alphabet for kids

    Russian alphabet for kids




    ★★★ 1 000 000 downloads - the best Russian Alphabet Educational App ★★★ Learn Russian Alphabet with your kids. Colourful pictures, big images. Shake the phone to get random letter. Pronunciation of the letters and sounds helps children faster and easier to remember the alphabet. For children...

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