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White Droids

  • Increase Internet Speed (free)

    Increase Internet Speed (free)




    4G Internet Speed - Not Prank: Working intensive on net, troubled by the slow internet speed and continuous time killing browsing!! Speed up your existing net to 4G speeds- test it yourself. This is possible with the new internet speed booster app. This app is not a prank and it works in most...

  • Mood Scanner - Test your mood

    Mood Scanner - Test your mood




    You must have a ***Finger Print Mood Scanner*** on your Phone!!. Scan your thumb… discover your mood..!! This app is for entertainment purposes only. Mood Scanner is an entertaining app which tries to detect your mood via your mobile device's touch screen. It acts as a mood sensor similar...

  • Magic Candle Touch Wallpaper

    Magic Candle Touch Wallpaper




    Christmas Magic Candle Touch: WD Merry Christmas to all the android users. Christmas is a season of celebration, gifts and magical gifts from the Santa claus. Lets celebrate the Christmas and pray Jesus Christ, the Magical way. Let us light some magical candles to Jesus Christ with Christmas...

  • Chinese New Year SMS

    Chinese New Year SMS




    Wishing All the Chinese users a very Happy New Year 2014. Happy Horse Year. Send Messages to all the Chinese friends and relative off yours using this wonderful application. You can share the SMS using wechat or whatsapp. Download this free app and enjoy

  • Best friends - wallpaper

    Best friends - wallpaper




    Best friends - wallpaper: Sport yourself as a loving friend with the best friends wallpaper. Friends are fun, caring, loving and chill out dudes. Best friends never express the real feel of friendship, it just stays with in. To the honor this idealistic side of best friends, this is a specially...

  • Allah's Live wallpapaer

    Allah's Live wallpapaer




    Eid Mubarak -RamZan-on Ramadan: After a month long fasting and rozaa, lets welcome this holy ramzan 2013 with a beautiful wallpaper and spread the happiness Wish every one Eid mubarak on this Ramzan with the live wallpaper. This is a beautiful wallpaper of rotating earth with Ramzan Mubarak and...

  • Speaking Calculator with Neon

    Speaking Calculator with Neon




    ** Talking Calculator **: The most important work in our daily Life is to Calculate. By the use of this Talking Calculator tool, we are trying to make your work a little easy. Download this application tool of Neon Light Talking calculator enjoy the calculation part easier in your life. It is...

  • Holi Songs - Hindi Songs

    Holi Songs - Hindi Songs




    Collection of Best Holi Songs: This application does not require Internet. Holi is the colorful and playful festivals of India. A festival of joy celebrated for the victory of good over evil, holi fills the routine life with some truly vibrant colors. Holi is famous as a playful event, people...

  • Love Calculator

    Love Calculator




    *****Love Calculator - test your partner**** Calculate your love. Yeah! Tech goes crazy. You are one step away from reality check. Just download this free love calculator app, Just type in two names and check the % of love chemistry between two people. Some simple logical calculations set your...

  • God Krishna temple - Worship

    God Krishna temple - Worship




    Lord - Radha - Krishna -Temple: "Hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna, krishna-hare, hare" This android application is for all the Krishna devotees who want to worship the god Krishna on the go. The meaning of "Krishna" is "the all attractive one". So true to...

  • Kids Rhymes Videos vol 3

    Kids Rhymes Videos vol 3




    Nursery Rhymes Vol 3 for Kids: With the success of the first two volumes of kids rhymes vol 1 and vol 2, white droid brings to its user the vol 3 of kids rhymes as “Nursery rhymes vol-3"app. With more fun, more learning and more animation for the kids. To keep them updated rhymes volume 3...

  • Test your Love - Test It now

    Test your Love - Test It now




    Love Fortune Teller app: The Love fortune calculator is an algorithm designed scientifically to calculate the fortune that you share with your loved ones. It uses astrology, numerology and the strong strength of bond between the two persons. Its a fun app to have a good time around while...

  • Quiz Game - Current Affair

    Quiz Game - Current Affair




    Top Events Quiz of 2013: Welcome to the Quiz world, on android! A brand new way of testing your IQ levels, this time for the year gone by. The quiz is based on the top events of 2013. All the news and views, books to branding this Events quiz has a lot to tickle your IQ sense. The quiz format in...

  • Shiva Live Wallpapers

    Shiva Live Wallpapers




    Shiva Live wallpaper: Lord Shiva the creator, the destroyer and the transformer is a divine deity of Hindu religion. Lord Shiva, the trinity is considered as the leader of the universe. Associated with power( "shakti") of destruction Shiva is most complicated of gods in the Hindu...

  • Animal sound - Zoological Park

    Animal sound - Zoological Park




    ***** Kids ZOO - Animal and Birds Sound ***** We respect all mothers, here is an application to help your child in knowing animal and birds name and their sound We are sure that children will love this application of birds and animal sound beside memorizing them. “Kids Zoo - Birds and Animal...

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