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Download Shout Fire Screen Prank Shout Fire Screen Prank icon
Shout Fire Screen Prank

Do you want to prank your friends or family member using smart Phone?????? Do you want to play with fire and scare your friends with fire???? Just follow the steps below: Simply go to Play Store Download Shout Fire Screen Prank Enjoy it, it is free. Shout Fire Screen Prank is the best prank application on Play Store. Shout Fire Screen Prank allow…

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Download Cow Milk Cow Milk icon
Cow Milk

Cow Milk is one of the best and entertainment applications, get pure milk with cow milk app. cow milk is one of the best and unique ideas we made for you’re for lot of cheers, fun and entertainment. Feel pleasure and magical with cow milk app. One of the best things about cow milk is that it looks like original phenomenon of milking the cow. Get am…

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Download Grenade Screen Lock Grenade Screen Lock icon
Grenade Screen Lock

It’s fun to be young; you know what entertainment cannot be bound in boundaries. We make for your smiles and lighters. So guys let’s come we have very exciting product for you, yup it’s Grenade Screen Lock. Open the pin of grenade, one big blast will happen and your android screen would open. When you unlock your screen from Grenade Screen Lock, yo…

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Download Screen Touch Electric Shock Screen Touch Electric Shock icon
Screen Touch Electric Shock

An ideam can take you upward to the sky, and hence we are presenting one of the top entertainment application for FREE for you. This is the best to shock your friends and family friends with our new application Screen Touch Electric Shock. Get Screen Touch Electric Shock and make fun unlimited. Ask to your friend to touch your screen and when he wi…

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Download Pattern Screen Lock free Pattern Screen Lock free icon
Pattern Screen Lock free

This is pattern screen lock free the most secure, simple and reliable screen lock for your android. Never give permission to anyone to enter in your android, protect your SMS, phone book and gallery and the best choice to make your android most secure is the pattern screen lock free. This is the name of quality and security that your android needs…

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Download door screen lock with password door screen lock with password icon
door screen lock with password

Door Screen Lock with Password is a most top free app. With beautiful edges and attractive layout my new app “Door Screen Lock with Password” is rocking. Every time when you bring new idea in the market it would be hit. Door Screen Lock with Password app based on real time door opening idea, you are entering in your home unlock the knob and door be…

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Download Smoke Cigarette Smoke Cigarette icon
Smoke Cigarette

Let’s get rid of from the bad habit of smoking, today thousands of people are dying and there hundreds are going to kill due to the cause of cancer. It’s easy task to overcome the bad habit of smoking, it’s the game of your mind. Here is one gift for you, if you really want to get out of the bad smoking habit then let’s join my new and latest app S…

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Download Passcode photo screen lock Passcode photo screen lock icon
Passcode photo screen lock

Its passcode photo screen lock with full proof security feature. Save your android from any UN-authorize persons, u can save your phonebook, android gallery, SMS, setting and all the resources in your android. Just feel relax with passcode photo screen lock because no one can enter into your android without your permission. Passcode photo screen lo…

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Download Male fashion suit style Male fashion suit style icon
Male fashion suit style

Take your snap from the camera of Male fashion suit style, now select one of the latest and fashioned stuff of dressing and try on your personality; this is the beautiful working of Male fashion suit style. We collect more than 50 latest and fashioned stuff of men’s dressing with dashing statues. Get aware about the latest fashion with Male fashion…

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Download compass and qibla direction compass and qibla direction icon
compass and qibla direction

Smart and cool compass and Qibla direction, very cool and easy to use! Simple compass with GPS coordinate display, and Qibla direction IMPORTANTS: 1- orientation guide and point of view; 2- dynamic show the compass directions; 3- show your current latitude and longitude coordinates; Disclaimer: This app is based on MiCode/Compass code, and licen…

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