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Baelish Strategy

This game is a casual TEXT STRATEGY. It uses characters from well-known Game of Thrones. You have to rule your house, make alliances, buy army and defeat your opponents, send spies and pay attention to bannermen. If you like the game and idea, do not forget, to vote for it.

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Seasonal food

"Seasonal food" application helps you to find out what products are in season each month. Fruits and vegetables provides crop at quite a specific time. At that time food contains maximum of vitamins. To harvest at that time less chemicals are used. Seasonal food will help you to protect your health, to be in a good shape and mood. And, by…

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Flag Tag

Do you love to travel? Do you love making photos while you traveling? If yes, download the free android app Flag Tag on your android device and start adding flags to your photos. Flag Tag allows you to add flags of different countries in your photos. Add flag of France to your photo near the Eiffel Tower. Add flag of Italy to photo of you holding…

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Googol Game

Googol is a number one with one hundred zeroes after it. Mathematical game is joy with benefits. Googol game is exciting math game to train your mental arithmetic, which is suitable for both children and adults. The player calculates arithmetical operations mentally. When the result of the calculation equals zero, the player can increase quantity…

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Antigate Balance Widget

Simple widget to view antigate balance. From antigate.com and anti-captcha.com using your API key. Configure theme and interval. Don't forget to set your key.

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Total Vibro Widget

Widget toggles vibration settings of your device and sends you to keyboard settings page since there are additional tick to switch off and on vibration. WARNING! Keyboard settings screen may annoy you, if so, please use another vibration setting toggler.

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Cyprus Air Pollution

Air quality map for Cyprus. The data of The Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance is the authority responsible for the assessment, monitoring and reporting of air quality in Cyprus is used to build this map. Real time. Internet connection required. Parameters Explanation NO Nitrogen Oxide [μ…

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Trader's calculator

Easy to use Trader's calculator. Highly recommended for all Forex-traders. Suitable for trading accounts, such as classic forex, STP and so on. Currency rates are provided by European central bank. 9 Account currencies including Euro, Dollar, Ruble, Yuan, Pound etc. 7 most popular leverages. Directions to use: - choose instrument; - enter tra…

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