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The Reversi Online

Free Game app that can play Reversi online! Please try by all means to strong CPU that one person can enjoy. You can play online matches, powerful CPU match, and play with friends. Game mode to be able to enjoy: * Online play The OnLine play, You can play online matches with other users on the net. ※ It is necessary to be connected to the Inter…

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Download Download File Manager Download File Manager icon
Download File Manager

"Download File Manager" is a very simple file manager application. It can display files you downloaded by web browser. and You can check those files and delete those. Delete trashes, Get space. It is free.

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Download Memory Training Memory Training icon
Memory Training

Let's train your memory! This application train your memory by concentration. It is free. Please enjoy training game.

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Download Dynamic Vision Checker Dynamic Vision Checker icon
Dynamic Vision Checker

Check your DYNAMIC VISION! "Dynamic Vision Checker" can measure your dynamic vision easily. It is free. Dynamic visual acuity is, every day will continue to decline and not training. To measure whether it is such you which level of visual acuity. Will also be the training of visual acuity be performed repeatedly. In addition, the rank…

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Download Simple Memo Simple Memo icon
Simple Memo

Simple Memo is a free and easy notepad application. Very simple notepad application that omitted superfluous features as possible. Available free of course. Since there is no hard functions and settings, anyone can easily operate quickly, can easily be used. Recommend to who looking for easy and simple Notepad or ToDo list.

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Download Reflexes Checker Reflexes Checker icon
Reflexes Checker

Check your Reflexes! This app can check your reflexes very easily. Just touch the button, and You get the result. It is free. Let's check your reflexes!

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Download Smart Memo Smart Memo icon
Smart Memo

This is a very simple and smart notepad application. It is free. for notepad and todo list.

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Download UFO Busters UFO Busters icon
UFO Busters

Shooting "UFO Buster" sense of touch! Free of course! We have been attacked Earth UFO! Can you please beat the UFO beam in touch and become part of the Earth Defense Force, appear one after another! The rules are simple! Only to destroy the UFO appeared to touch quickly! The mission of each stage, the condition has been set clear. In c…

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Download Find Same Patterns Find Same Patterns icon
Find Same Patterns

Looking rather than a mistake, looking for the same thing! Simply touch the game looking for a pattern to the same pattern has been specified! Course is free of charge. You touch the screen as quickly as possible from those looking for the same shape as the pattern is specified, the same color. Touch be careful you do not select a different pict…

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Download The Flag Quiz The Flag Quiz icon
The Flag Quiz

You can play 3 types of flag quiz. It is free. You can remember the national flag while having fun. To kill time. Please enjoy with the children.

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