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    Traveling the world and want to have quick unit calculations; be it for Kilo to Deco-meters and for Fahrenheit to Celsius to Kelvin. Whether you are a veterinarian or a household person, having a pet has become easy now. Introducing Vet Calc Unit Converter that allows you to keep all calculations...

  • Xoom Browser

    Xoom Browser




    Get 3G Speed in Even 2G Network, Zoom Browser provides you fast and smooth web surfing experience. It's a totally free app. Download and try it now, you will love it. New Features: 1. Custom Speed Dial : clean, fast and beautiful! 2. Tabs Browsing : fast and cool! 3. Easy Search : get...

  • 26th January The Republic Day

    26th January The Republic Day




    This Application provides all the details about The Republic Day of India, with details about Freedom Fighters, and their Images

  • Android Test

    Android Test




    Test your android knowledge, this application is useful to test your Android skills, By answering different question based on android programming. Features includes:- * Objective type Test. * User can share their test score on Facebook and Twitter. * Answer multiple choice questions with...

  • Wake Up Kid

    Wake Up Kid




    About : Here is an excellent Alarm-App for KIDS, This APP is helpful in determining their Arithmetic - Ability & to enhance it through Practice, useful for Daily life. Features : 1) User can do Simple Calculations. 2) User can set Multiple Alarms, with Different Tones For each alarm. 3)...

  • Indian Festivals

    Indian Festivals




    This Application provides details about all the Indian Festivals like Lohri Sankranti Pongal Apart from the Details, you can also download related wall papers from this app, and set them on your mobile device.

  • Easy Shopping List

    Easy Shopping List




    INTRODUCTION : We would like to introduce a NEW ANDROID Based Application for BUYERS, which would aid them to make their Shopping a rewarding experience ! DESCRIPTION : The “Easy Shopping List “ is a user friendly Android-Application developed for All Age Category. It is easy to install...

  • Where's MyCard

    Where's MyCard




    Wanna Crack a Joke on your Friends, or Play a prank. This is one good application which can come handy. We bring you a all new Where's My Card so get ready for the most spooky and fun Magic Game Ever this Halloween ! You can ask your friends to think of any card present on the screen, and...

  • CSharp (C#) Tutorial Pro

    CSharp (C#) Tutorial Pro


    If you are aiming to build your career in Windows Desktop, Mobile, or Web application development, then C# can really help you in a great way to achieve your goals. C# is like a bridge, which connects programmers to the "Business World". So, for all those who wanted to learn this...

  • Punjabi Tutorial

    Punjabi Tutorial




    Learn to speak Punjabi with Punjabi Tutorial App for android. Punjabi Tutorial App makes learning Punjabi language fun and easy! It is an on-the-move Punjabi learning app to help you get started with learning Punjabi language quickly and easily. The app provides extraordinary Punjabi learning...

  • Con-Droid Backup Utility

    Con-Droid Backup Utility




    The application is most valuable for android user, This App is useful to make Contacts Backup automatically protects the valuable contact information stored in your mobile phone and allows you to easily transfer mobile contacts to a new phone. All backup functions occur wirelessly, so you never...

  • Fun N ' Fry

    Fun N ' Fry




    Are you Getting Bored, want some recreation, want some fun? Then let’s fry some eggs :) , no! I am not talking about any cooking show here or any recipe, this is a game which helps you in changing your mood, lighten the mood, relive the pressure on your mind. You can enjoy is anywhere and...

  • Html5 & Php Tutorial

    Html5 & Php Tutorial




    HTML5 is an exciting and powerful standard for the development of advanced web pages. Some of new features in HTML5 are functions for embedding audio, video, graphics, client-side data storage and interactive pages. The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a programming language that allows web...

  • Android Programming Tutorial

    Android Programming Tutorial




    Android is an open source mobile operating system that combines and builds upon parts of many different open source projects. You can develop android applications using java and android development kit in any java editor. This application gives information about installing android development kit...

  • Tic Tac Toe (Knots & Crosses)

    Tic Tac Toe (Knots & Crosses)




    Games for mobile phones have changed the way of traditional gaming experience. To enhance the mobile phone gaming experience even more, here is a cool multimedia, multiplayer android game for game lovers, the “tic-tac-toe.” Tic-tac-toe is one of the most popular android games. It is also one of...

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