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  • 51 Ways to Create Home Office

    51 Ways to Create Home Office


    More and more people these days have home offices, but it can be hard to separate the “home” from the “office.” This ebook is designed to help you make a wonderful home office that will be efficient, appealing, and comfortable.

  • 110 Bite Sized Tips To Website

    110 Bite Sized Tips To Website


    Having an e-commerce website can be challenging. There is inventory to monitor, customers to keep happy, advertising to do, and of course security to maintain in order to protect the integrity of the site and your customers. With all of the important steps involved to make sure your business...

  • 51 Kidney Stones Tips

    51 Kidney Stones Tips


    This first set of tips will go over some of the basics of kidney stones. 1. Definition Kidney stones start when minerals and other substances in over concentrated urine form crystals on your kidneys. These crystals can combine to form small, hard masses, or stones. Most kidney stones pass into...

  • 99 Tools For Internet Marketer

    99 Tools For Internet Marketer


    If you’re working to a tight budget or if you’re short on time then the information you will find in the following pages will be just what you need… If you’re marketing or selling anything online then these sites and resources will prove to be invaluable. Better still you’ve just saved yourself...

  • 51 Ways to Reduce Allergies

    51 Ways to Reduce Allergies


    Approximately 55 percent of all U.S. citizens suffer from allergies. But not all allergens are seasonal. Millions of Americans suffer from year-round allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander and mold, which can cause as much trouble for some patients as weeds do for others. This ebook was put...

  • 51 Ways To Fight Cholesterol

    51 Ways To Fight Cholesterol


    Everyone needs some cholesterol. But too much cholesterol can be bad for your health and can put you at risk for heart disease. Approximately 1 in 3 Americans (over 100 million) have high cholesterol. This ebook will help give you some ideas on how to get your cholesterol where it needs to be.

  • 51 Ways Self-Esteem & Shyness

    51 Ways Self-Esteem & Shyness


    If you Google “low self-esteem,” you’ll get over 1,600,000 articles. Google “shyness,” and you’ll get over 6,000,000 articles. People really want to know how to overcome these things. Low self-esteem and shyness are socially debilitating. They can be very difficult to overcome them. This ebook...

  • 51 Tips Dealing Endometriosis

    51 Tips Dealing Endometriosis


    Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects a lot of women. This ebook is designed to make you more aware of endometriosis, and some things that you can do to treat it.

  • 51 Tips For Vegetable Garden

    51 Tips For Vegetable Garden


    Growing vegetable gardens can be very rewarding. This ebook will give you some tips on growing some common fruits and vegetables.

  • 51 Tips Coping Cerebral Palsy

    51 Tips Coping Cerebral Palsy


    Cerebral palsy affects approximately 800,000 children adults in the United States. This ebook will help give you information, resources and tips for helping to live with this debilitating condition.

  • 51 House Cleaning Shortcuts

    51 House Cleaning Shortcuts


    Only have a minute for cleaning? No problem. This first set of tips will give you some ideas for chores that take less than a minute. 1. Dust One Thing It only takes a minute to choose one thing and dust it. You can either use a feather duster, a dust spray and a rag, or a dust wipe. Here are...

  • Thirty ways to prepare college

    Thirty ways to prepare college


    Getting ready for college can be difficult. The applications, the costs and the planning really take quite a bit of time, especially if you wait until the last minute to start. That’s what we’re here for! This e-book will show you 37 Ways To Prepare For College, now! We’ll guide you through the...

  • 20 Surefire Insure Website

    20 Surefire Insure Website


    I’d like to put a little "twist" on some common topics I’m sure you’ve already heard or read about at one time or another online. Why?… Because I’d REALLY like to try and thrust you into a brainstorming "frenzy"… I want you to really think (and hopefully understand) why...

  • Video Profits

    Video Profits


    Even in these relatively early days of the 21st Century, it is clear that the Internet is going to play an ever more central role in everything that happens in the modern world. There are now over 6.6 billion people on this planet, and already, over 1 billion of them have access to the...

  • Web Video Mastery

    Web Video Mastery


    Web video is any video that is played on the internet. These videos can be placed on a website to enhance the site with more content, to show off home videos to friends and family easily and to promote a business. Whatever the reason for the videos, the internet has made it possible to show them...

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