• Trebit - Money Manager




    TrebitMoney, is "wealth and expense" and "wealth and income" oriented personal finance book. Wealth is Asset minus Liability, and is the status of finance. If your wealth has increased or decreased, the reason is fully explained in the expense and income. Trebit Money...

  • Annunity calculator




    Simple and convenient annuity calculator. You can quickly estimates how much you may save in an annuity and how much you may get from it. - Immediate Annuity calculator (Input: interest, fund amount, period). - Fixed rate annuity accumulation calculator. - Fixed rate annuity payout calculator.

  • Fusion financial Calculator




    Fusion calculator is all in one calculator for your day to day use and finances. It's made up of 17 calculators including: 1. Simple and agile calculator with '=%', MR, MS keys, and customizable number of decimal digits. 2. Credit card payoff and min balance calculator. 3. 401 (k)...

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