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Download Ideal Weight BMI Adult & Child Ideal Weight BMI Adult & Child icon
Ideal Weight BMI Adult & Child

Are you in your right weight ? (adult, child or teenager) ? *** Ideal Body Stats *** *** Your Ideal Weight *** This configurable application (Kilograms/Pounds/Stones, Cm/Ft) allows you to : • Calculate easily your Ideal Weight using different formulas. • Calculate easily your Body mass index (BMI) Adult child or teenager (beetween 2 and 20 yea…

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Download Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Tracker Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Tracker icon
Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Tracker

The BEST Weight Tracker ! Follow easily your change in WEIGHT ! Track your weight and set your goal whether it be LOSS or GAIN. Keep track of your BODY MEASUREMENTS, BMI, BFI ! ♦♦♦ This app will Help to Boost your Motivation to Lose or gain Weight ♦♦♦ DON'T DELAY, START TODAY ! • Your personal weight manager • user-friendly interface, co…

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Download Daily calorie needs (BMR) Daily calorie needs (BMR) icon
Daily calorie needs (BMR)

This application allows you to calculate your daily calorie needs, for men and for women ! Calculate basal metabolic rate (BMR) : • how many calories you burn in a day based on a general activity level ! Configurable (imperial and metric): • Kilograms/pounds/stones • Cm or Ft

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Download Battery Level Plus HD Lite Battery Level Plus HD Lite icon
Battery Level Plus HD Lite

Would you like to have the estimated remaining time, level and complementary information about your battery ? This widget 1*1 and 2*2 (ideal for Tablet) is for you. The battery level is shown by one of 7 different configurable widgets. The following information about your battery is given: • Battery level charge • Minimum, maximum and current vol…

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Download Cerebrum : Brain Training Game Cerebrum : Brain Training Game icon
Cerebrum : Brain Training Game

It has been scientifically proven that stimulating your brain helps keep it healthy! This game allows you to do just that while having fun, relaxing and improving your memory. You can also compare your score with other players and friends through the google play game ranking and unlock achievements. • Brain training Games : play without moderation…

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Download Push-Ups Champion Lite Push-Ups Champion Lite icon
Push-Ups Champion Lite

Does 100 pushups seem to be difficult ? The Pushup is a basic muscular exercise movement found in all body building programmes which can be done at home. It strengthens and develops not only the pectoral muscles but also the deltoids (shoulder muscles) and triceps. This programme is adapted to all levels and will help you reach up to 100 pushups…

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Download Call Santa Claus Call Santa Claus icon
Call Santa Claus

Your kids can call Santa Claus any time they want ! Your child can speak directly to santa and give him their Christmas Wish List of toys for 2016 ! Your kids interact with the Santa Claus dialpad ! They'll love it and so will you ! *** Two Different Voices *** *** Extra Christmas song at the end of conversation with Santa Claus ! *** *…

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Download Calorie Counter Simple Lite Calorie Counter Simple Lite icon
Calorie Counter Simple Lite

*** Calorie / Weight Watchers Counter *** This app allows you to Count and follow your Calorie intake or your Weight Watcher Points simply and easily for your diet. You create your very own food and exercise database in order to control your food intake. Food may be measured in grams, ounces ou points. You also have the possibility to specify i…

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Download Where is My Stuff ? - LITE Where is My Stuff ? - LITE icon
Where is My Stuff ? - LITE

Don’t you ever ask yourself where you have put that thing you just can’t find ? You’d like to better organize your move in order to know exactly what is in your different boxes ? You’d like to carry out an inventory of your home or apartment to be rented out ? ♦♦♦ THIS APP IS FOR YOU ♦♦♦ It allows you to carry out the inventory of your things…

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Download BetStats Lite - bet tracker BetStats Lite - bet tracker icon
BetStats Lite - bet tracker

*** This app will help increase your chances of winning and help you keep control of your budget *** With the help of syntheses , you can analyze in which categories and sub-categories you are most efficient and compare your choices with your tipsters. You’ll then be able to choose the top tipster to follow in order to increase your winnings ! Ti…

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