• Bubbles




    Bubbles is a logical game where you need to clean a grill by bursting bubbles. To burst a bubble, you must send one bubble with the same color from the edge of the grid. To send bubble from the edge, just click twice on it. Once a level is completed, the next one starts with a bubble more. After...

  • Bridges




    Bridges (also known as Hashi, or Hashiwokakero) is a type of logic puzzle published by Nikoli. In Hashiwokakero you are the king of the islands, and your job is to connect the islands according to their populations: small islands need only one bridge (it says 1 in the island), and larger islands...

  • Kuba




    Strategy game, also known as Traboulet or Akiba, or against the computer. It consists of: one 7x7 board, 8 white balls, 8 black balls, 13 red balls The goal is to conquer 7 red balls. Players play one after the other. A player moves the whites, the other the blacks. The red balls are neutral....

  • AndroBelote Free




    The very first French Belote Game for Android. For 4 players: - Against the computer - Against network players

  • AndroBelote




    French Belote Game. Play Belote against the computer, or against other players. Commercial version of AndroBelote Free

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