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  • Hanuman Chalisa - Audio




    Hanuman Chalisa - the word of Bajrang Bali, his aura, his bahubal (power). The sound of the Hanuman Chalisa mesmerizes and empowers the devotee. Reading or listening to the Chaupais make you a better human being, purifies your thought and makes decision making easy. This Hanuman Chalisa app is...

  • Cheer Me Up




    Have you heard this before? "Expect problems. Eat them for breakfast." You will be hearing a lot more of some hard nuggeted, go-get-them power dosage from here on. We are going to make sure your motivational pep tank is always running on a Zen like calm smoothness and yet happy levels...

  • Ceylon Today




    Ceylon Today is a dynamic national newspaper which brings you news, views and entertainment, uptodate and in realtime. It is published by Ceylon Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd. and distributed nationwide. Launched in 2011, it has earned a strong reputation for its award-winning standards in journalism and...

  • Thinakkural




    Explore a seamless stream of articles and pictures on your phone and tablet with this new Thinakkural News app. It delivers breaking news, analysis and current market data, in Tamil from the most trusted local and world news, Thinakkural organization. This immersive app for all smart devices...

  • Nishamadhulika Cooking Recipes




    थोडा सा किचन में परिश्रम और आपके इंटरनेट का सही उपयोग बस इतना ही चाहिये आपको एक परम स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी बनाने के लिए. Nishamadhulika .com और Winjit Technologies आपके लिए लाये है भारतीय तथा कुछ अन्य कुइसिन का वह बहेतरीन खज़ाना जिसे आप हमेशा से पाना चाहते थे! इस विशाल देश के विभिन्न प्रकार के खानो का...

  • Hindu Bhakti Jaap Meter




    जब परमात्मा की पुकार प्रबल हो तो हमें प्रार्थना करनी ही चाहिए! उन सभी पलों के लिए जब आपको प्रभु भक्ति करने का एकांत नहीं मिला या समय नहीं मिला यह हिन्दू भक्ति जाप मीटर एक देवीय साधन है जो आपको किसी भी समय प्रभु भक्ति करने की क्षमता देता है! हृदय को छू जाने वाले कुल १४ जाप का यह संग्रह आपको अपने...

  • Virakesari Sports




    Virakesari literally translates to the roar of the lion. And this roar has echoed loud and clear across Sri Lanka in the genre of Tamil News Journalism across various beats of politics, sports, business and community news. This is yet another attempt at bringing the razor sharp current...

  • The Assam Tribune




    The Assam Tribune is an English daily newspaper published from Guwahati and Dibrugarh, Assam. It is the highest circulated English daily in North-East India. First published from Guwahati, it is now published simultaneously from Guwahati and Dibrugarh. The newspaper is perhaps the best in the...

  • Great Indian Veg Recipes




    Food is the most talked topic across the world and the favorite topic in most of the households. Every Second person on planet is a foodie, some love to cook and many love to eat. Chef Madhuli loves to cook and her app Great Indian Vegetarian cooking brings to you great recipes along with great...

  • Ramayani Audio




    'RAMAYANI' is a soulful music album where all main events of the ancient Hindu epic 'The Ramayana' are beautifully depicted in poetic manner by Shri Anup Jalota & Anuradha Paudwal. Download Now! This latest version we have made following changes 1. Improved User Interface 2....

  • Internet Terms




    The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to link several billion devices worldwide to share information, data etc Internet plays a very important role in our daily life today and everyone wants to learn and know more about...

  • Water polo Terms




    Water polo is a team water sport, which resembles land-based game of handball. The game relies on excellent swimming skills of the players as well as it demands good eye-hand co-ordination. The application will be the best guide and online dictionary for the beginners and the water polo lovers...

  • Wrestling Terms




    Professional Wrestling is a form of a sport as well as it is an ‘art performance’. The sport being very common in Japan and North American Countries, it exhibits a unique style and set of characteristics in each country. Each wrestling match is ostensibly a competition of athletics and strategy....

  • Networking Terms




    The Internet, sometimes called simply "the Net," is a worldwide system of computer networks - a network of networks in which users at any one computer can, if they have permission, get information from any other computer (and sometimes talk directly to users at other computers). It...

  • Northeast Today - News




    NorthEast Today App is dedicated to promote the culture, people, and beauty. It also celebrates the very best of North East India! From the peak of the snow covered mountains to the greenery of the tea gardens our team promises to showcase the development and beauty of the regions of North East...

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