• Timeout3g-full




    Did you try the timeout3g-FREE version? 'Timeout3g' switch the data connection (edge, 2g, 3g, 3g+, H, 4g) automatically off after a timeout on screen off in order to save power, and makes the connexion running on screen on. Time before disconnection can be set by user. Possibility to...

  • Timeout3g-free




    'Timeout3g' switches the data connection (edge,2g,3g,4g,H,…) automatically OFF when screen goes off (after a timeout) in order to save power. It brings the connexion back ON when screen goes on. Time before disconnection can be changed in advanced settings. Donate/Full version...

  • Started!




    Want to be warned when the device is FULLY started? "Started!" is doing that for you... Started! will throw a sound and vibrate once your phone is fully started. Simple, easy, that's it! ********** * Don't understand why? Useful for developers who often needs to restart...

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