• Antenne FreeMobile




    ---------------------------- Autre versions: http://wire67.com?antenne_freemobile Contact: http://wire67.com?ps ---------------------------- Pour clients FreeMobile uniquement! Appli pour curieux ;) Permet d'afficher un icone dans la barre de notification pour indiquer si l'on est...

  • Timeout3g-full




    Did you try the timeout3g-FREE version? 'Timeout3g' switch the data connection (edge, 2g, 3g, 3g+, H, 4g) automatically off after a timeout on screen off in order to save power, and makes the connexion running on screen on. Time before disconnection can be set by user. Possibility to...

  • Timeout3g-free




    'Timeout3g' switches the data connection (edge,2g,3g,4g,H,…) automatically OFF when screen goes off (after a timeout) in order to save power. It brings the connexion back ON when screen goes on. Time before disconnection can be changed in advanced settings. Donate/Full version...

  • Fast Search




    Translate This app is just a SHORTCUT to launch your phone's "Search" with opening the KEYBOARD immediately. So you don't need to click the search area to open the keyboard, this is similar to search key or long press search key. If you don't want the keyboard to be opened...

  • Started!




    Want to be warned when the device is FULLY started? "Started!" is doing that for you... Started! will throw a sound and vibrate once your phone is fully started. Simple, easy, that's it! ********** * Don't understand why? Useful for developers who often needs to restart...

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