• Words Mine




    Can you spell victory? Recently, "Words Mine" is featured in "Word Battle Games" of AppStore! "Keep Mining! Keep Mining! All we need are the words, words and words" Mobot factory needs words to generate the power. More power, generate more mobots. Words Mine...

  • Pop Gems!




    Begin to join in the fun! Pop Gems is a dazzling puzzle game with strategy. The greedy dwarf loves gems and brings a huge bag to collect gems in forest. Come among with relaxing music, help the dwarf to collect more gems as you can! To meet the level target, collect gems with strategy without...

  • Tiny Cup




    Movement is happiness. Everyone should get involved with TINY CUP now! TINY CUP is a brand new casual soccer game. intuitive control and simple gameplay which you know and love it. There are over 32 national teams in TINY CUP. Just tap to beat defenders to win the cup! Let your favourite...

  • BollaBolla Pop




    FREE! Limited time sale, Don't miss out! Let download it now! Pop...! "Help" Pop...! "Help! I need somebody help!" Oh my goodness! All of lovely and gentle Bollas have been caught. Slide the Bollas to match three or more to free them. Come and join us to rescue...

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