• Talking Clock




    Talking Clock is application pronounces what time is it or gives the time signal. You don't have to check the clock on your phone again and again, now it will literally tell you what time it is. Decide how often you would like to be informed by Talking Clock The signal beep is included in...

  • Battery Saver




    Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your phone last longer gives a longer life to your Android phone, provides you with detailed battery information and helps it charges healthily with our unique 3 Stages Charging system. Battery Saver is the easiest energy-saving application...

  • Fingerprint Lock




    Now you can lock your screen and use your fingerprint to unlock your screen and Fingerprint Screen ICS is the best fingerprint lock Get the best customizable fingerprint lock screen to lock your Android phone now and this free app will work as a fingerprint screen locker. You can also customize...

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