• Peekaboo




    ***Visit the zoo to play Peekaboo!*** --- A game for kids ages 1-3! --- Look! Look! There’s a Panda peeping out at you! – Is he trying to play Peekaboo? Peekaboo will take your toddler to various exhibits at a zoo to play peek-a-boo with the cute animals! Spot pigs, horses, cats, and more in...

  • Spot that Animal




    *** Laugh and play as you tap each animal and see how it reacts! *** --- A fun game for kids ages 1-3! --- Get ready…get set…and see how quickly you can react to each animal surprise! SPOT THAT ANIMAL is a fun and colorful game where animals pop out on your screen, and players have to tap on...

  • Wombi Tower




    *** Learn to build your own structure – but be careful not to knock it down!*** See how high you can build your house without it falling over! Piece by piece, players take turns adding building sections to create a larger and larger tower. Don’t let the badger construction manager distract you...

  • Hippo Shower Time


    *** It isn’t easy cleaning a dirty hippo with a cold shower! *** In “Hippo Shower Time!” you turn on various showerheads to spray water on a dirty hippo. The problem is sometimes those faucets malfunction and spray cold water! Unpleasantly surprised by the temperature change, the clumsy hippo...

  • Wombi Math


    *** A game for kids that makes math practice fun! *** With Wombi Math, you match illustrated equations to their answers! Players are presented with a colorful wall filled with signs, each with an equation or answer written on it. The objective is to pair the equations with the right answers....

  • Picture Book of Cars




    The roads are waiting! Picture Book of Cars is an entertaining and pedagogic app where children will learn the name of our most common vehicles. In text, sound and images twenty different cars and vehicles are presented. The app is easy to use, but harder to get bored of! For children aged 0-4...

  • The Pirate’s Treasure




    --- A fun and clever memory game for young pirates!--- Ahoy! After several years of searching in the Caribbean the pirates have finally found Captain Blackbeard’s hidden treasure-chest! But how are they going to divide the treasure? In a classic pirate duel of course - playing a game of...

  • The Letter Monster




    ★★★ The Letter Monster will teach you the ABC! ★★★ Arrrgh! The Letter Monster is hungry at sea, and he needs you to feed him the right letters! He might not have the best manners, but when you feed this picky eater the right sea biscuits, he gets very happy! This game helps children practice...

  • The Shape Monster




    ★★★ Head to the Shape Monster’s messy kitchen, and you’ll learn all about different shapes! It's FREE! ★★★ The Shape Monster is a demanding chef who is very specific about the shapes of his ingredients. Amongst the spice racks, stacked plates, and oozing stockpot, you’ll have to feed this...

  • The Number Monster




    ★★★ A whole new way to learn numbers! ★★★ Have you ever met a three-eyed scientist who loves numbers? Now you can! The Number Monster is here to teach you numbers 1 through 20 in her beaker-filled science lab. She needs your help with an experiment on futuristic mushrooms, and it’s up to you to...

  • Wombi Helicopter




    ★★★ Build your own helicopter for an exciting rescue adventure! ★★★ The citizens of your city have taken too many balloons and are floating into the sky! Can you build the perfect helicopter to go on a rescue mission? Design your own aircraft, pick your own colors, and fly through the clustered...

  • Wombi Treasures




    ---- Come along on an adventure and search for lost treasures! ----- "...unique little game... an excellent way to get juniors to learn often underappreciated subjects like history and geography." - GEEKS WITH JUNIORS "Great for independent play." - SMART APPS FOR KIDS...

  • Wombi Toys




    ★★★ Build and repair toys! ★★★ --- Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish & Norwegian! --- "Wombi Toys is a fun digital toy that will appeal to juniors and even parents." - GeeksWithJuniors.com The toy workshop needs your...

  • 7.0

    Wombi Detective (LITE)




    Help Walter solve the mystery and bring the stolen items back!

  • Touch & Listen - Picture Book




    "Touch and Listen” is a Great Picture Book App" - GeekMom March 2012 -- An interactive picture book with over 100 sounds and pictures -- Touch & Listen is the optimal picture book app for young children. When you touch an object its name is read out and it is shown full screen...

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