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  • My 2012 New Year Resolutions

    My 2012 New Year Resolutions




    Time flies so fast, we're almost into 2012! If you haven't come up with your 2012 New Year's resolution yet, take a few minutes to try “My 2012 New Year Resolutions”. As many of us already know, the practice of writing something down makes it real. Do not set yourself up for...

  • Secret Santa

    Secret Santa


    Do you want a free Secret Santa gift? Shake or touch your phone to get your Christmas gift. You can add your own list by clicking the red dot under the Christmas tree. Have fun! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Medication Reminder

    Medication Reminder




    Medication reminder helps you get organized. The schedule and alarm remind you to take your medications. You could choose to store the medication record on your phone. You can view/email your medication records to yourself or your doctor. Beta. Feedback are appreciated. Key:...

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  • 不要偷看我的手機





    我很討厭人們窺探和閱讀其他人的私人資料,電子郵件... “不要偷看我的手機“試圖阻止你的女友,妻子,男朋友,丈夫窺探你的手機。 你可以錄下或輸入你要告訴這些窺探的人的話。

  • Keep Your Hands Off My Phone

    Keep Your Hands Off My Phone




    I can’t stand when people snoop and read other peoples' contact information, private texts and emails... "Keep Your Hands Off My Phone" will put your phone in "Protected Mode". It will try to prevent people (your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband...) from snooping...

  • 免费地震模式测试版





    最近发生的一系列大地震。地球进入地震活跃期. 面对目前这个不太平静的世界,我们需要做好准备! 我想要睡个安稳觉. 在我去睡觉前, 我会启动地震模式。我的手机在"地震模式"会侦测到震动. 一旦发生震动,我的手机会播放安全提示。 我会输入或录制我的安全指示,调整灵敏度和音量,输入重要资料 如紧急,重要的家庭和热线电话号码。...

  • Earthquake Mode Free Beta

    Earthquake Mode Free Beta




    A series of major earthquakes occurred recently. We need to Be Prepared! To get a good night’s sleep, I will launch EarthQuakeMode before I go to sleep. My Phone in "Earthquake Mode" will detect the shakes while I am sleeping. It plays the safety instruction once the shake happens. I...

  • God Defend New Zealand

    God Defend New Zealand


    Aotearoa / God Defend New Zealand New Zealand is a great country! Lyric: Māori Version and English Version Listen to the music of the National Anthem

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