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Wonderiffic, Inc.

  • Charlie Hides TV - Diva Videos

    Charlie Hides TV - Diva Videos




    Charlie Hides TV - Celebrity Drag Diva Videos App by Wonderiffic® Charlie Hides is a celebrity impersonator. He makes videos, people watch them, and some people think they are funny. No celebrities were injured in the making of these videos..he does love celebrities, he just has a funny way...

  • Showgirls Drag Show Videos

    Showgirls Drag Show Videos


    This App puts you in the front row of Showgirls, an amazing weekly drag show extravaganza held every Monday at Micky's in Gay West Hollywood, Los Angeles. This App contains over 1500 fierce performances by the very best Drag Queen Divas in America, many from the various seasons of...

  • Gay West Hollywood Los Angeles

    Gay West Hollywood Los Angeles


    New Addition: Lisa Vanderpump's incredible new PUMP Lounge Gay Bar Locals and visitors rely on us to know what’s happening here each night of the week. The amazing thing about this App is that it contains photos, descriptions, and links to every existing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...

  • 50% Off Philadelphia Events

    50% Off Philadelphia Events


    Double your fun in Philadelphia! Do it all for half-price. The literal meaning of “Philadelphia” is “Brotherly Love”, and this city has so much of it to share going all the way back to its role as a meeting place for the Founding Fathers of the United States who wrote the U.S. Constitution....

  • 50% Off Los Angeles Events

    50% Off Los Angeles Events




    50% Off Los Angeles & Hollywood Events, Shows & Sports by Wonderiffic ™ SWIPE Your Way To MORE Entertainment in Los Angeles At 50% Off This Free App makes it FUN to discover the best Los Angeles Events and Sports at 50% OFF or more (some are free!) Engaging photos of the latest...

  • 50% Off Chicago Shows & Sports

    50% Off Chicago Shows & Sports




    Events are updated daily; check the App often to get the best deals. SWIPE Your Way To MORE Entertainment in Chicago, Illinois At 50% Off This Wonderiffic™ App gives you DOUBLE THE FUN IN CHICAGO for HALF THE COST. While your friends pay full price; you’ll see twice the shows, twice the...

  • 50%Off Houston Events & Sports

    50%Off Houston Events & Sports


    The huge international diversity of Houston, Texas makes it a city of tremendous diversity. Houston is extremely proud to be known as “Space City” because NASA’s Space Center is located right here! No other city can claim the very first quote from the moon! “Houston, Tranquility Base Here. The...

  • 50%Off San Diego Events&Sports

    50%Off San Diego Events&Sports


    Did you ever wonder where paradise is located? A gorgeous place with absolutely perfect weather and wonderful people? Most everybody will agree it’s San Diego California. Consistently rated in the top 10 places to live and work, San Diego has it all. With 70 miles of beaches and so many parks,...

  • 50% Off San Francisco Events

    50% Off San Francisco Events




    There’s so much to do in San Francisco. The locals love it and the visitors know it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With so much diversity and so many unique things to do, how can you focus on what’s right for you when you have a limited budget for your evening or your...

  • 50% Off New York City Events

    50% Off New York City Events




    What would a visit be to New York City without going to a theatre show or sports event? This App allows you to see twice as many shows because this App is one of the few places you can score New York tickets for half price! (some are free!) Broadway shows, sports like the Jets, Islanders,...

  • 50% Off Atlanta, Georgia

    50% Off Atlanta, Georgia


    SWIPE Your Way To MORE Entertainment in Atlanta At 50% Off Gorgeous and progressive, Atlanta has everything going for it. Everybody either lives here, visits here, or just passes through given Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world! It’s the 7th most-visited city in the United States and...

  • 50% Off Washington D.C. Events

    50% Off Washington D.C. Events




    You’re headed to the capital of the United States! While you probably are aware of this historical significance of the area, you might not be aware of much of the lesser-known culture. There is so much to do in the Washington D.C., Arlington, and Alexandria area. Unfortunately, there’s simply...

  • 50% Off Baltimore Shows/Sports

    50% Off Baltimore Shows/Sports


    Baltimore is a city of more than 220 historic neighborhoods, nicknamed “The Charm City” thanks to its many festivals, revived waterfront entertainment area, cruises, theaters, museums, performing arts, symphony, comedy, and sports. Some famous people from Baltimore include Babe Ruth, John...

  • 50% Off Minneapolis Events

    50% Off Minneapolis Events




    Double your fun in Minneapolis & St. Paul! Do it all for half-price. Minneapolis and St. Paul are “Twin Cities” located along the Mississippi river with St. Paul having more miles of Mississippi River than any other municipality along the entire length of river. This Twin City area is the...

  • 50% Off Dallas Shows & Sports

    50% Off Dallas Shows & Sports




    Dallas is one of the greatest cities in the United States. Dallas is HOT in more ways than one! The many employment opportunities have encouraged millions to move here, and since it’s also a huge airport hub, visitors stop in from around the world. Who hasn’t heard about Dallas? Maybe you’ve...

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