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  • US Historical Documents




    This app contains over 400 of the most influential documents, laws, speeches, and court cases in U.S. history. See the dramatic items which shaped our nation’s history in this extremely readable and convenient format. Sort the documents chronologically or by type of document and importance....

  • Posted! - Carry List Anti-Gun




    Posted! - Carry List Anti-Gun Locations: This application is for any gun owner! The purpose of this app is for the legal and conscientious concealed carry license holder to know where they cannot legally carry before getting there. A licensed permit holder or a resident of a constitutional carry...

  • CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State




    This application is about empowering the CCW (concealed or open carry permit) holder (or anyone who wishes to lawfully transport a firearm in any state.) It gives you the direct information that you need to follow the maze of arcane, complicated, and dissimilar gun laws in each state and in each...

  • Illinois Government




    Illinois State Legislature: Access the State Congress of Illinois in the General Assembly! This application provides detailed information about the 98th General Assembly. All Members of both the Illinois House and Illinois Senate are included in the application, including all new members elected...

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