• Little Concert BETA




    Little Concert is a platform for you to share, play and communicate with the MIDI music you like. Put on your headphone or switch on your wireless bluetooth headphone and enjoy the musics! Who can play the best? Let us compete with different musics with various difficulties around the world!...

  • 3 Kingdoms TD:Arrow Defense




    *** GREAT NEWS *** "3 Kingdoms TD : Arrow Defense" is upgraded to a Release version integrated with INSANE modes and an ENDLESS stage. You can also get FREE TOKENS. Lots of bugs were fixed and many new features (for example, reset heroes' skills and adjust tower upgrades freely)...

  • TD: Defenders' Creed RELOADED




    ******************************************************************************* BRAND NEW! An upgraded version of Defenders' Creed: "Defenders’ Creed RELOADED" was just published. ******************************************************************************* Listed as one of the...

  • 3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed




    *** REVIEWS *** "For those that like strategy games this is a great title for on the go and won’t set you back any because it’s free. If you’ve ever loved to play Tower Defence but found it a little lacking then Defenders’ Creed offers an alternative."...

  • Open TD: WallCraft




    ****************************************************************** GREAT NEWS: WallCraft has been fully upgrade to v2 series which contains the PK features and WallCraft logs. Please do not hesitate to upgrade it now since all previous versions will be disabled soon for being fair for all!...

  • 3 Kingdoms Archery:ChibiWarIII




    ************************************************************ ChibiWar III: An online archery PK game between well known 3 kingdom heroes A way leading to the “Archery Master” throne. ************************************************************ This game is one of the ChibiWar genre games. Due to...

  • Green Driver: SPEEDY CAR




    How do you drive car with traffic lights, speed control, traffic jam using limited amount of petrol? If you drive too fast, you will have problems in passing the speed control cameras. If you drive too slow, you will waste the energy and can not be a GREEN driver. In the game, you can operate...

  • RockPaperScissors OL




    Rock-Paper-Scissors online can be played in the situations of making friends, hosting parties, playing pub games and encountering a dilemma. To leave loneliness alone, to make more friends and seek the simplest happiness, play Rock-Paper-Scissors online with others all over the world any-time...

  • 3 Kingdoms Blade:Scarecrow Cut




    Scarecrow in wood and grass come from all different angles on the screen. Your finger acts as a sharp blade to cut all the coming scarecrow enemies. NOTE combo slicing will give double score! However, not all scarecrows are enemies; The Hawaii dancing girls are your mates. Do not kill them…...

  • Archery Master: ENDLESS




    Are you still playing darts in pub? You are OUT! Come here and play the new archery game. You are the arrow in this game! You will have a wonderful journey as an arrow. You will go through obstacles to get various power-ups. Fly far as possible as you can. Archery Master II is an arrow flying...

  • Archery Master: CLASSIC




    Great news ========================================================= Archery Master II: Endless was just released. Please feel free to get it at ========================================================= In the game, you...

  • Bar Story:Fancy Pour




    Wanna be a pop servant in a fashionable bar? Wanna be a wine master? Yes! This game is designed for you! Your task is to fill in "right" amount of wine/beer according to the base lines around different shapes of glasses moving forward. When you get more and more "perfect"s...

  • 3 Kingdoms Archery:ChibiWar II




    ChibiWar II is based on Chinese history of "Three Kingdoms" at the end of "Han Dynasty". In the game, you can choose various of heros to fight each other by bow-shooting arrows. Practice your bow-shooting skills and compete with your friends, colleagues, relatives and...

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