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  • 比价阁 (iDigMobi) 条码扫描器




    "比价阁" (iDigMobi) 是一款比价购物软件。通过条码扫描等方式来帮助您随时随地地进行商品信息的查找和分享。您可以获得商品描述,可以保存商品到收藏夹,访问其网页,或者和您的朋友分享,还有其它更多功能。 "比价阁" (iDigMobi)...

  • iDigMobi Barcode Scanner




    iDigMobi is a barcode scanning application for comparison shopping that makes finding and sharing product information anywhere anytime easy using a mobile device. Scan UPC/EAN barcodes to get information on millions of products. You may read product descriptions, save it to favorite lists, share...

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