• Proud Pinoy Ako

    Proud Pinoy Ako




    For all "Pinoys" (Filipinos) worldwide, this pinoy android app is for you! If you're a true-blue Filipino you will really love this app. It's everything "Pinoy" (Filipino) that you could ever ask for! What's In the App: Pinoy Quotes Pinoy Jokes Pinoy Pick Up...

  • No Escape Jetpack Ninja

    No Escape Jetpack Ninja




    This no escape jetpack ninja game is one of those perfect time killers anytime, anywhere! On the bus, while waiting for food in a restaurant, in a waiting room in a hospital, something to do anytime you're bored, want to pass the time, or just want to have some fun, etc. It features an...

  • Pinoy Videoke Karaoke eXtreme

    Pinoy Videoke Karaoke eXtreme




    This is the original and the best 100% free Pinoy Videoke Karaoke app for android. Watch, listen, Sing-along and have fun with the greatest sounds, music and songs of the top OPM / Pinoy / Filipino artists, musicians and bands of all time. Take this mobile videoke / karaoke app with you wherever...

  • Videoke Karaoke Party 1

    Videoke Karaoke Party 1




    Watch, listen, dance and Sing your heart out to the latest and newest songs and music of today's top 100 artists, musicians and bands with this videoke app. Videoke Karaoke Party 1 features the first 25 Artists, Musicians and Bands like: 5 Seconds Of Summer, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, MAGIC!,...

  • Don't Let the Dummy Die

    Don't Let the Dummy Die




    Don't let the Dummy Die! Do whatever it takes to keep the the crash test dummy alive for as long as you can. How long can you last? Helping a game character to run and jump over objects endlessly in one direction is one thing. Have you got what it takes to control this running and jumping...

  • The Paleo Diet

    The Paleo Diet




    Can eating like a caveman actually help you lose weight? Mankind has evolved for over 2 million years on the foods found in nature. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. What impact would it have on our health as modern-day humans if we tried to eat exclusively like our paleolithic ancestors?...

  • Wrecking Rob

    Wrecking Rob




    Wrecking Rob is a game inspired by an old-school arcade style casual game that's becoming really popular today. Are you familiar with the game Timber man? This is similar to that game but comes with a twist. Wrecking rob, is timber man in the city. Instead of chopping down trees, he is on a...

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