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Download Run 'em over (ram the zombies) Run 'em over (ram the zombies) icon
Run 'em over (ram the zombies)

A strange obelisk is turning people into zombies! You need to reach it and save humankind. Earn cash to upgrade your vehicle and drive through a horde of zombies. Unlock new vehicles by reaching checkpoints and strike the monsters with everything you have. Bigger and stronger is better! We recommend playing with headphones for a greater experien…

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Download Pearls Pearls icon

★ Pearls! Now even shinier! ★ Swipe over an area of pearls of the equal color to link them together without passing over the same pearl twice. The longer the chain, the bigger the bonus. Collect shiny pearls for additional points. Try to get all 49 achievements and reach the top of the leaderboards!

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Download Neurons! Neurons! icon

★ Get into the nervous system and form the longest neural network. ★ Neurons! is a fast tapping game in which you have to connect neurons in order to progress. Your range diminishes quickly so you need to make your decisions as fast as possible. Use special neurons to your advantage and beat enemy neural networks. ★ use the green neuron to get…

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Download Invasion of the Veggies Invasion of the Veggies icon
Invasion of the Veggies

For centuries the fruits have been living a peaceful life in the orchards. But a threat emerged and you have to help them defend their homeland! Buy new cannons, upgrade them, make combos and shoot the Veggies down from the sky! The game features 40 unique enemies (Veggies), 18 different missiles (fruit) and 3 upgradable cannons (basket size,…

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Download Farm Tractor Racing Farm Tractor Racing icon
Farm Tractor Racing

Welcome to the farm lands where tractors rule the streets. Meet Sawyer. A true farmer, tractor enthusiast and stuntman in a tractor game like no other. Race the bumpy roads, smash through crates, barrels and many other obstacles. Upgrade your tractor, improve your results and compare them with your friends. Perform stunts to get air time bonuses, b…

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Download Unripe Tomato Unripe Tomato icon
Unripe Tomato

Get Tomato safely to the sun to make it ripe. But beware, there are obstacles along the way that will make your journey difficult. Use different pods to your advantage and collect all the stars along the way. Unripe Tomato features 3 beautiful episodes with a total of 99 plus 9 bonus levels. Replay the levels to discover the best route and achieve…

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Download Rain of Blocks Rain of Blocks icon
Rain of Blocks

Rain of Blocks is a Tetris clone that will take all your free time away. ★ Touch to rotate, ★ Slide to move ★ Hold and release to drop block Features: ☆ hold and release to drop a block or use a dedicated button ☆ block shadow ☆ game saved automatically on exit for you to resume later ☆ score multipliers! ☆ vibration feedback ☆ themes ☆ party mo…

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Download Gravity Ring Gravity Ring icon
Gravity Ring

HOW TO PLAY: Collect the red, blue and green orb with a single shot in the given amount of time. Slide with your finger horizontally to change the angle and vertically to change force of your trajectory. Hit the gravity core (center of the gravity ring) when ready! Bounce off of the objects to hit your target, smash bricks and blocks in this fresh…

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Download Planet Drop Planet Drop icon
Planet Drop

Are you into space? How about destroying some planets? Planet Drop is the game for you! Touch a planet to clear planets of the same type in the selected line. Make sure to drop planets below the Saturn's ring before you run out of moves. Get combos to unleash special powers!

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Download Linked Jewels Linked Jewels icon
Linked Jewels

LINK the JEWELS by swiping over them with your finger. Match at least 2 similar jewels to clear them, match more to earn bigger bonuses. Use the power of magic stones to perform special moves and clear more jewels at the same time. Compete against other players, build up your ranking and get all the achievements. SPECIAL MAGIC ITEMS * THE BLUE ST…

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Download Christmas Lights Christmas Lights icon
Christmas Lights

★ Make the longest chain of Christmas lights! ★ Christmas Lights is a fast tapping game in which you have to connect the bulbs in order to progress. Your range diminishes quickly so you need to make your decisions as fast as possible. Use special items to your advantage and outrun the Grinch. Can you make the longest chain of bulbs? Used perm…

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Download Bee of Rage Bee of Rage icon
Bee of Rage

Help the bee eat as many burgers as possible before getting wasted! How to play: - Tap left or right of the bee to fly left or right - Keep off of the spikes on top and bottom - Use power-ups! * THE BOXING GLOVE: punch the walls to push them back * STOP SIGN: stop the walls from moving for 10 seconds * GLASS OF WATER: fill the screen with water…

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