• Crazy Snake

    Crazy Snake




    Come and enjoy the classic Snake game! As simple as ever, all you goal is control your snake to make it eat as much as possible. But be careful not to collide with the bomb or eat your own tail or else the game is over. You can control the crazy snake with multiple control modes: Touch...

  • Knight Rush

    Knight Rush




    Knight Rush is an exciting and addicting popular ninja style runing game. Your goal is simple: run as far as possible. As a knight you need jump and slide to get through different barriers. Knight Rush is simple but fun one touch arcade game. Tap Jump button to jump over the bomb. Tap Slide...

  • Juggle Supper Soccer

    Juggle Supper Soccer




    Let's play great new juggling game. Are you good at juggling? Can you play with a soccer ball without let it fall? Show your skill with this fun game now. Tap the left/right side of screen and keep soccer ball up in the air as long as you can! Let's enjoy juggling. Beat our friends...

  • Gravity Rocket

    Gravity Rocket




    Dream of flight were about to start! Have you ever thought of driving a spacecraft roaming universe? Dream of flight were about to start! Gravity rocket will lead you into the vast space. Only courageous spaceman can break through the difficulties and complete the fantasy universe journey. How...

  • Strike Your Boss

    Strike Your Boss




    Strike Your Boss is a fun game that will perfectly help you release the emotion! Do you have trouble with your boss? Is he the one who always shouts at you? Now you can release all your anger to the boss in this game! Release your anger here so no one gets hurt! Let’s rock the boss. Shoot...

  • Kicking Alpaca

    Kicking Alpaca




    Do you dare to join the kicking ass competition? Once upon a time, a farmer raised tens of thousands Alpacas, and these alpacas partiality like to be kick ass. So the farmer decided to hold a kicking ass competition. He hoped to bring happiness to his neighbors, and cheer his alpacas in the...

  • Zombie Monopoly

    Zombie Monopoly




    The legend of zombie tycoon! Zombie turns into a food enthusiast, a SLG - Simulation game that you can never miss. Saying this is a story of a foodie zombie. In a small but magical zombie town, living a happy but greedy zombie who dream that he could eat up all the snacks raining from the sky....

  • Angry Girlfriend

    Angry Girlfriend




    Are you angry? Do you hate your boyfriend? You are a ninja. Slice your boyfriend's football, gamebox, Comic books, Cigarette as fast as you can by your finger! Angry Girlfriend is an action ninja style game where you have to slash different kinds of things before they fall out of your...

  • Ninja vs Jewels

    Ninja vs Jewels




    Slice jewels by your finger. Earn as much money you can by cutting the jewels. Ninja vs Jewels is an action game where you have to slash different kinds of jewels before they fall out of your screen. Be aware of bombs! Don’t slice the bombs otherwise they explode your screen. Get Slow Motion...

  • Smash the Ant

    Smash the Ant




    Smash the Ant is a funny app to pass the time. Smash ants with your finger as fast and much as possible before it's running away. Touch the ant to smash it. You would like to smash them all, but they are running like crazy. Smash the Ant like the ant smasher - Smash all ants! Smash! smash!...

  • Mr. Crazy DodgeBall

    Mr. Crazy DodgeBall




    Are you ready to play with Mr. Crazy DodgeBall? Mr. Crazy DodgeBall is a simple but fun game. your goal is to to dodge falling fatal balls as many as you can, and to be the best dodgeman in the world. Tilt your phone moving the lovely Mr. Crazy to left or right, to avoid falling balls. More...

  • Sweety Jump

    Sweety Jump




    Sweety Jump is an easy yet addictive game. Just tilt your device to control the candy ball. Fall down through the holes and avoid getting squished at the top. Pick up powerups and score points by staying alive as long as possible. Control your candy to drop safely between the platforms to fall...

  • 3.0
    Street Basketball Shot

    Street Basketball Shot




    Simple basketball shoot into the hoop

  • Rock Paper Scissors

    Rock Paper Scissors




    Touch or Shake to play the game of Rock Paper Scissors. Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game played by two people. The game is also known as roshambo, or RPS. The objective is to select a gesture which defeats that of the opponent. Gestures are resolved as follows: Rock blunts or breaks...

  • Tiny Bird Hunting

    Tiny Bird Hunting




    Tiny Bird Hunting is a FREE duck shooting game. Become a Bird Hunter, Play the Bird Hunting Game. Your goal is to shoot flying birds as many as possible. If you are a fan of the classic Duck Hunt game. You will like this game. Happy Hunting. Tiny Bird Hunting support two control modes: -...

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