• Jumping Box Adventurer

    Jumping Box Adventurer


    Jump up and hunt Cactuses. Help monster box to jump around and kill all cactus boxes by passing through their side. Watches out for jump steps, you only have a limited number! And also be careful when you see the wheel and infrared ray, it is so dangerous even you are a strong monster. Unlock...

  • Funny Calculator

    Funny Calculator


    Funny Calculator is the only calculator gameplay so far. It is a number gameplay with 10 numbers. The game rule of Funny Calculator is very simple. Just pick up and click the correct number which appears on the top of screen. The quantity of numbers will be growth along with the game progress....

  • Monster Tap and Run

    Monster Tap and Run


    Come and join the most difficult Parkour game. There are two monsters in the forest, they are running and across the obstacles. Your task is to help them run as far as possible. How to play, the player tap the screen to control the two monsters, we need to ensure they are both alive. You can...

  • Plane Block Not one less

    Plane Block Not one less




    Lovely picture, classic games and your stronger mindset! #Plane! Block! Not one less# brings fresh challenges and mode to two games in one screen: plane fight game & white black block game. The innovation mode and physics-based phenomenon that has delighted millions of players around the...

  • Dodge Noisy Aunty

    Dodge Noisy Aunty




    Dodge noisy aunty is a fun and action ball gameplay for android drives. Click the screen left or right to control the player. Our objective is to keep player away from ball hits as long as possible. By dodging 5 balls continuously, player can take a step toward aunty (or back). If player...

  • Crazy Chef vs Fruits

    Crazy Chef vs Fruits




    You are crazy chef. Slice like a Ninja! Do you like smashing fruits and splattering juices on the walls? Feeling anger and need to smash something? Crazy Chef vs Fruits is the perfect game for people who have the passion for action! Crazy Chef vs Fruits has simply rule: tap screen to cut...

  • Machine Memory Palette

    Machine Memory Palette




    WONDERFUL! Machine Memory Palette has arrived and you can enjoy these Puzzles for FREE! Outstanding Machine Style, Sweet Robot, Amusing stick figure Puzzle! Machine Memory Palette brings fresh challenges and surprising obstacles to the drawing Energy Candy, the pretty Machine Style and...

  • Classic 3x3 Game

    Classic 3x3 Game




    Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game on your Android device for free. Classic TicTacToe supports one player and two player gameplay, so you can play against your phone or against your friend. Tic-tac-toe (or Noughts and crosses, Xs and Os) is a pencil-and-paper game for two players, X and O, who...

  • Broken Machine Puzzle

    Broken Machine Puzzle




    Machine Puzzle has arrived and you can enjoy the full adventure for FREE! Real Physical World, Sweet Robot, Amusing Puzzle! #Broken Machine Puzzle# brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the Jumping Energy Candy, physics-based phenomenon that has delighted millions of players...

  • Stack Turtles

    Stack Turtles




    Come and join the only turtle stack contest. You could stack a lot of other things, but no turtles stacked, right? Come and join us to stack the turtles. Gameplay is very simple, you tap the screen with your fingers and the turtle on the top of the screen will fall. The last turtle should be...

  • Cool Piano

    Cool Piano




    Play the Cool Piano on your phone and tablet. Cool Piano is a 24 keys virtual piano application. FEATURES: 24 keys Rock,funk and swing mode Multitouch Glissando

  • My Little Piano (Free)

    My Little Piano (Free)




    The fun little virtual Piano for Android. Everyone can easily play the piano,even if you never played a piano,fun and simple. The fun piano has two modes: Normal play mode: Tap the piano key to play songs. Fake mode: Turn on the switch, and then tap anywhere you want. Under the fake mode, the...

  • Zombie: Smash and Dash

    Zombie: Smash and Dash




    Zombies are back! Let's smash zombie! Zombies are monitoring our life and intend to attack us. They are crazy and provocative. Only you can stop them, you can kill all zombies with your fingers and save you village. There are four modes for you, 1.Classic: some villagers are in zombie...

  • 501 Darts WorldCup Shoot

    501 Darts WorldCup Shoot




    Darts is sure a big challenge. May the best shooter win! “501 Darts WorldCup Shoot” is one of Classic Dart Game. Reach zero exactly in as few throws as possible. A rare computer sport made it on your screen. You are a player of Darts WorldCup. Move and throw your darts. Try and achieve a score...

  • Pocket Saw

    Pocket Saw




    Turn your device into a real electric circular saw! Pocket Saw looks like a real mini chainsaw. Now you can control your mini chainsaw. Touch to start, tilt down to cut. When you are cutting, the screen will be splashed with very real looking blood or spark!! It is an amazing fun app that will...

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