• Smash Bubble

    Smash Bubble




    Smash Bubble is a fun application for relaxing. Unlimited number of bubbles, vivid images and sound can bring you wonderful feelings when we smash bubbles with fingers, just like it is in real life. And I also hope it could help you to relieve pleasure when you feel tired. Do you like Bubble...

  • Monster love Candy

    Monster love Candy




    Monster love Candy is a physics/puzzle game. Your goal is simple: remove the white balls and let the tiny monster eat the candy. You can remove the white balls by clicking on them. One last thing – don’t let the candy fall off the screen. Monster love Candy features 100 levels of increasing...

  • Zombie vs Bomber

    Zombie vs Bomber




    It’s time to bomb zombies! Zombie vs Bomber is physics-based game where you have to get rid of zombies but be careful to not hurt little good guy. The player can place the bomb on the screen to destroy all the zombies and protect the good guy. There are lots of levels wait for you, come to...

  • Perfect Basketball Puzzle

    Perfect Basketball Puzzle




    We all love basketball! Your objective is to make at least 1 hoop to pass each level. Click and drag the basketbal to set direction and power. Release your finger to shoot the basketball. There are several materials so you have to be careful when solving the puzzles. USERS’ OPINIONS: -"I...

  • Ninja: Shadow Rush

    Ninja: Shadow Rush




    Are you the best ninja around the world? Prove it! Ninja: Shadow Rush is a new ninja-themed running game. As a Ninja you need jump up and down to avoid obstacles and collect the stars to increase your power. Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles and run as far as you can! The goal of...

  • City Pixel Runner

    City Pixel Runner




    City Pixel Runner is a classic 2D endless running game. Similar to other runner/running game. Fun game for everyone to play and share memories. City Pixel Runner has simple concepts and control schemes tend to work best on touch devices, and running for your life is about as basic a game...

  • Ninja VS Bamboo

    Ninja VS Bamboo




    All your stress away, with the bamboos smashed to pieces !!! You are a ninja. Slice bamboos by your finger as fast as you can! How to spend your time? Come to smash the bamboos, you will be a ninja in the game, use your finger to slice bamboos. When bamboos come, slice it quickly , the panda...

  • 501 Darts WorldCup Shoot

    501 Darts WorldCup Shoot




    Darts is sure a big challenge. May the best shooter win! “501 Darts WorldCup Shoot” is one of Classic Dart Game. Reach zero exactly in as few throws as possible. A rare computer sport made it on your screen. You are a player of Darts WorldCup. Move and throw your darts. Try and achieve a score...

  • Zombie: Smash and Dash

    Zombie: Smash and Dash




    Zombies are back! Let's smash zombie! Zombies are monitoring our life and intend to attack us. They are crazy and provocative. Only you can stop them, you can kill all zombies with your fingers and save you village. There are four modes for you, 1.Classic: some villagers are in zombie...

  • Flying Zombie Dash

    Flying Zombie Dash




    Flying Zombie Dash is a classic endless flying Game! A little zombie wishes he can fly in the sky. Now the dream comes true and you can help little zombie by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. Of course it is difficult in flight, you need to help little zombie overcome the...

  • Virtual Super Lighter

    Virtual Super Lighter




    The most realistic lighter in your phone! Enjoy lighter sound effects and amazing realistic particle flame. When you tilt your phone, the flame follows your movements. This is a Virtual Super Lighter to use at party, in a club or bar. Just flick, wave around and enjoy. Features: -...

  • Mountain Offroad Racing

    Mountain Offroad Racing




    Monster truck game with excellent off-road physics. Mountain Offroad Racing is one of the most exciting off-road games. Enjoy some four wheel fun in this side scrolling race game. You control a monster jeep with large tires for extra grip, your car has great suspension so try some jumps! In...

  • Cool Piano

    Cool Piano




    Play the Cool Piano on your phone and tablet. Cool Piano is a 24 keys virtual piano application. FEATURES: 24 keys Rock,funk and swing mode Multitouch Glissando Keywords: Piano,cool piano,xpiano,little piano,music

  • My Lovely Cat

    My Lovely Cat




    Cute cat in the screen! This is a Healing application, there is a lovely cat in the screen, it will be happy when you touch its tummy. And it will have unexpected voice and facial expression if you touch it again and again. When you aren’t happy or boring, just touch the cat. It heal your...

  • My Little Piano (Free)

    My Little Piano (Free)




    The fun little virtual Piano for Android. Everyone can easily play the piano,even if you never played a piano,fun and simple. The fun piano has two modes: Normal play mode: Tap the piano key to play songs. Fake mode: Turn on the switch, and then tap anywhere you want. Under the fake mode, the...

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